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My Favorite Lookout
My Favorite LookoutPopular
SubmitterTheDudeMore Photos from TheDude   CategoryGeneral Fly Fishing   Last Update2009/11/7 21:35
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There are not many like this in PA where there is no sign of human impact as far as you can see. This is looking out from Pine Swamp Road on the way to Penns Creek. I believe it may be looking down the Poe Valley with the knob being the "chocolate drop" by Poe Paddy. Not sure though. On clear days like this one, there is a hint of another layer of mountains in the distance, and once in a while an even further one can barely be seen, which seems like it must be a good 30 miles away.

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Author Thread
Published: 2009/11/8 7:34  Updated: 2009/11/8 7:34
Joined: 09/10/2006
From: Pine Grove
Comments: 36
 Re: My Favorite Lookout
I have a pic from the jam from the same lookout with Bruno and TonyC in the foreground. Your pic is certainly better. I love the fall colors.

Published: 2009/11/8 12:27  Updated: 2009/11/8 12:27
Joined: 09/09/2006
From: lancaster county
Comments: 1417
 Re: My Favorite Lookout
I agree with most of what you said Dude.


If you travel up 81 N from Pine Grove to Moosic, you will see tons of "lookouts"(not really lookouts but they should be) without mans interference. I have often thought if i had a pro camera, taking pics of all of them on the way up to Moosic someday.

The coffee table book would be called:
The 81 views of I81. Just need 81 pics, i think there are about 12 lookouts.
Published: 2009/11/8 22:03  Updated: 2009/11/8 22:03
Joined: 05/04/2007
From: A little-known town called Bellefonte
Comments: 34
 Re: My Favorite Lookout
Cool, I'll have to keep that in mind if I ever drive up there. I think I got ahead of myself with that comment about the unobstructed views. The whole northern tier just above me if relatively undeveloped (Sproul State Forest, for example).

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