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Wild Brown- Prouty Run- Potter County
Wild Brown- Prouty Run- Potter CountyPopular
Submitterslay12345More Photos from slay12345   CategoryFish   Last Update2009/10/29 16:03
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Beautiful brown landed and released

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Author Thread
Published: 2009/10/29 17:42  Updated: 2009/10/29 17:42
Joined: 09/09/2006
From: lancaster county
Comments: 1383
 Re: Wild Brown- Prouty Run- Potter County
I been waiting to see that fish. Nice job slay
Published: 2009/11/1 12:11  Updated: 2009/11/1 12:11
Joined: 05/04/2007
From: A little-known town called Bellefonte
Comments: 34
 Re: Wild Brown- Prouty Run- Potter County
I love browns with that type of markings. Nice picture too.
Published: 2009/11/2 11:29  Updated: 2009/11/2 11:29
Joined: 02/17/2009
From: Landisville
Comments: 76
 Re: Wild Brown- Prouty Run- Potter County
yeah, I forgot about it till I was lookin for the image I wanted to submit for the calendar. Great fighter, never expected him to be there. Only ever saw small brookies in this pool. May have had something to do with me finally breaking out the fly rod and try for those brookies in the murky water after 3 days of rain though that I discovered the size and diversity of the fish there.

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