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 Potter county freestone

Potter county freestonePopular
Submitterwildtrout2More Photos from wildtrout2   CategoryStreams    Last Update2018/8/7 18:54
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Now's the time to hit the NC creeks, they are in the best August shape I've seen. Water temp @ 60F, with a tinge from the rains. Perfect.

Cumberland Valley Spring Creek Brown

Cumberland Valley Spring Creek BrownPopular
SubmitterklingyMore Photos from klingy   CategoryFish    Last Update2018/8/5 21:46
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18 incher sipped a hopper on a small spring creek in south central PA. .

NE native

NE nativePopular
Submitterwildtrout2More Photos from wildtrout2   CategoryFish    Last Update2018/7/19 7:53
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I got this 12" beauty yesterday morning, my biggest fish so far this season, and one of my best ever natives. I need to apologize for poor quality pics of quality native trout lately. I'm getting my best brookies very early in the morning when good light just isn't available.

Middle of nowhere

Middle of nowherePopular
Submitterwildtrout2More Photos from wildtrout2   CategoryStreams    Last Update2018/7/19 7:39
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Pretty good flows in some of the mountain freestones. .

Potter county gem

Potter county gem Popular
Submitterwildtrout2More Photos from wildtrout2   CategoryFish    Last Update2018/7/6 18:57
Hits382  Comments0   10.000010.00 (0 votes)
Stream conditions couldn't have been better today. The water on this freestone was 62F, with a slight tinge from the t-storms. Perfect day to have this fat 10.

Carbon county native

Carbon county nativePopular
Submitterwildtrout2More Photos from wildtrout2   CategoryFish    Last Update2018/6/30 21:24
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Healthy 10" brookie from off the beaten path.  .

NWPA Wild Rainbow

NWPA Wild RainbowPopular
SubmitterProspectorMore Photos from Prospector   CategoryFish    Last Update2018/6/25 0:32
Hits429  Comments1   0.00 (0 votes)0.00 (0 votes)
This 8 1/2 incher was one of nine I landed on June 24.    I wanted one photo to document the markings and then was able to get all of the others back in the water quickly.

Limestone Brown

Limestone Brown Popular
Submitter3wt7XMore Photos from 3wt7X   CategoryFish    Last Update2018/6/20 20:28
Hits427  Comments1   0.00 (0 votes)0.00 (0 votes)
The sulpher nymphs have remained a steady producer in the shallow riffles during the morning hours.  .

Limestone Brown

Limestone BrownPopular
Submitter3wt7XMore Photos from 3wt7X   CategoryFish    Last Update2018/6/20 20:27
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A recent wild brown taken from a south center PA Limestoner.   The muddy water conditions had a few decent fish chasing big black buggers.

Photo No. 37-45 (out of 2393 photos hit)
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