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Brookie Redd

Brookie ReddPopular
SubmitterPSUFishMenaceMore Photos from PSUFishMenace   CategoryStreams    Last Update2012/11/26 0:55
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Builders nowhere to be found!  First definite redd I've seen on a chesco brookie stream-first time I looked as well.

WB Perkiomen Brown

WB Perkiomen BrownPopular
SubmitterChazMore Photos from Chaz   CategoryFish    Last Update2012/11/25 14:32
Hits445  Comments0    0.00 (0 votes)0.00 (0 votes)

Foxgap on WB Perkiomen

Foxgap on WB PerkiomenPopular
SubmitterChazMore Photos from Chaz   CategoryGeneral Fly Fishing    Last Update2012/11/25 14:29
Hits579  Comments1    0.00 (0 votes)0.00 (0 votes)

holiday catch

holiday catchPopular
SubmitterFFChinesemanMore Photos from FFChineseman   CategoryFish    Last Update2012/11/22 13:49
Hits419  Comments6    0.00 (0 votes)0.00 (0 votes)
can't upload photo in my last post!

Limestone brown

Limestone brownPopular
SubmitterPSUFishMenaceMore Photos from PSUFishMenace   CategoryFish    Last Update2012/11/11 22:18
Hits558  Comments1    8.00008.00 (1 vote)
One of my best of the year, a little over 16", and probably as heavy as any brown I've ever caught. Not a recent catch, but don't think I've posted this one before. Pounced on a slumpbuster on a cloudy day.

Fall Freestoner

Fall FreestonerPopular
SubmitterSwattie87More Photos from Swattie87   CategoryStreams    Last Update2012/11/3 19:39
Hits415  Comments1    0.00 (0 votes)0.00 (0 votes)
A small Lancaster County Freestoner in the Fall.  This one's worthy of being my desktop background for a little while.

Tiger trout chester county

Tiger trout chester countyPopular
SubmitterwilldebMore Photos from willdeb   CategoryFish    Last Update2012/10/23 14:19
Hits486  Comments3    0.00 (0 votes)0.00 (0 votes)
I caught this on wolly bugger

Penns Creek - 10/14/12

Penns Creek - 10/14/12Popular
SubmitterMcSneekMore Photos from McSneek   CategoryStreams    Last Update2012/10/19 16:24
Hits412  Comments0    9.00009.00 (1 vote)
Penns creek just above the wire on the upper end of the catch and release section on a warm fall day.

Lake Erie Tributary Brown Trout

Lake Erie Tributary Brown TroutPopular
Submitter3wt7XMore Photos from 3wt7X   CategoryFish    Last Update2012/10/18 19:54
Hits598  Comments6    9.00009.00 (2 votes)
I am already ducking from the stones that are headed my way  I got my first lake run brown last weekend out of one of the mile creeks. 22 inches and 6 lbs. I initially kept it, with the thoughts of getting a nice skin mount of the football, but ended up grilling it. Not as good as fresh steelhead, but not bad either. Please be nice. It came on a oregon cheese single egg in some slow water, and fought a little harder than a same sized steelie in my opinion

Photo No. 325-333 (out of 2331 photos hit)
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