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Cumberland County, PA--2/16/2014

Cumberland County, PA--2/16/2014Popular
SubmitterNight_StalkerMore Photos from Night_Stalker   CategoryFish    Last Update2014/2/16 22:23
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24"er caught at sunset on a gray butt monkey on an 8-weight rod

Winter fishin'

Winter fishin'Popular
SubmitterstreamerguyMore Photos from streamerguy   CategoryGeneral Fly Fishing    Last Update2014/2/9 16:11
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This was a common sight yesterday afternoon. I can't complain though, the fish cooperated. COME ON SPRING!!!

Reflections on a brown

Reflections on a brownPopular
SubmittersalmonoidMore Photos from salmonoid   CategoryFish    Last Update2014/2/8 17:16
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While I like to take photographs, I don't consider myself a photographer, in the sense that I don't know the ins and outs of photography.  But every now and then, mostly by dumb luck, I capture a shot that is a little better than others.  The merits of this one only showed up after I reviewed the photos; I liked the reflection of the tree on the water, the leaves underwater, the fact that some snow was on the ground, and of course the brown.

nice brook trout caught out of Kinzua Creek last June

nice brook trout caught out of Kinzua Creek last JunePopular
SubmittersparklelureMJKMore Photos from sparklelureMJK   CategoryGeneral Fly Fishing    Last Update2014/2/6 10:10
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Winter Red Eye

Winter Red EyePopular
Submitterdc410More Photos from dc410   CategoryFish    Last Update2014/2/3 17:21
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Here is a bit of change up for the winter fish pics. These little guys really fight like a wet dishrag in the winter time, but they still gotta eat!

The Run, Boiling Springs, 2/2/2014

The Run, Boiling Springs, 2/2/2014Popular
SubmitterNight_StalkerMore Photos from Night_Stalker   CategoryFish    Last Update2014/2/3 13:32
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If you every wonder what those big fish look like in The you go!

My fishing buddy caught this fish while I was catching the previous posted fish last night. He was calling me to tell me about this fish when I was bent over releasing mine. Not sure how he caught it...but he had fun dealing with the wall.

Conodoguinet Creek, CV, 2/2/14

Conodoguinet Creek, CV, 2/2/14Popular
SubmitterNight_StalkerMore Photos from Night_Stalker   CategoryFish    Last Update2014/2/2 21:46
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Just short of 24". Streamer just after dark. Location caught at had half surface covered by ice.

Conodoguinet Creek, CV, 1/20/14

Conodoguinet Creek, CV, 1/20/14Popular
SubmitterNight_StalkerMore Photos from Night_Stalker   CategoryFish    Last Update2014/1/20 22:22
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Another old male that did not fight to hard. This one was 22.5" and caught after dark on a big streamer.

Limestone Brown

Limestone BrownPopular
Submitter3wt7XMore Photos from 3wt7X   CategoryFish    Last Update2014/1/18 16:01
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This is a nice 21 inch female mid winter brown!!! I took her on a size 8 sculpin from underneath a log jam. Some may recognize the spot pattern. I love throwning meat during mid day with snow on the ground!!!

Photo No. 28-36 (out of 2334 photos hit)
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