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Photo No. 2395-2403 (out of 2461 photos hit)

Anudder one

Anudder onePopular
SubmitterMauriceMore Photos from Maurice   CategoryFish    Last Update2006/11/30 18:39
Hits2061  Comments0   5.33335.33 (3 votes)
Same day smaller fish. . .

Muddy Creek wild brown

Muddy Creek wild brownPopular
SubmitterMauriceMore Photos from Maurice   CategoryFish    Last Update2006/11/30 18:34
Hits1847  Comments0   7.00007.00 (3 votes)
Last day of November, 70 degrees and a wooly bugger. .

Fog on Clark's Creek

Fog on Clark's CreekPopular
SubmitterMCWolfe6More Photos from MCWolfe6   CategoryStreams    Last Update2006/11/22 10:44
Hits2291  Comments0   8.20008.20 (5 votes)
I took this photo one morning on Clark's Creek when the fog started rolling down the creek toward's me. It gave me a peaceful feeling. .

Treaster Run Wild Brown

Treaster Run Wild BrownPopular
SubmitterMauriceMore Photos from Maurice   CategoryFish    Last Update2006/11/15 12:28
Hits2229  Comments1   7.25007.25 (4 votes)
One of a few I caught this big. . .

Treaster Run

Treaster RunPopular
SubmitterMauriceMore Photos from Maurice   CategoryStreams    Last Update2006/11/15 12:25
Hits2716  Comments1   6.00006.00 (1 vote)
A gloomy yet balmy (in the 50's) fall day on Treaster Run above the stocked section. Being all alone in a place like this can put you in a groove you don't wanna get out of. .

Young Womans Rainbow

Young Womans RainbowPopular
SubmitteralbatrossMore Photos from albatross   CategoryFish    Last Update2006/11/12 18:13
Hits2145  Comments0   7.00007.00 (2 votes)
Sunny Friday 11/10/2006. This stream is stocked with rainbows in April, so the fish had some nice color by November. .

9" Brookie

9" BrookiePopular
SubmitterMKernMore Photos from MKern   CategoryFish    Last Update2006/11/9 18:40
Hits2256  Comments1   7.60007.60 (5 votes)
Caught this guy in the middle of a mountain stream that's about 6 feet across. .

Fishing Creek Brookie

Fishing Creek BrookiePopular
Submitterfly_flingerMore Photos from fly_flinger   CategoryFish    Last Update2006/11/3 18:59
Hits1967  Comments1   7.66677.67 (3 votes)
I caught this nice little brookie at Fishing Creek on Tuesday. .

Various Fish 41

Various Fish 41Popular
SubmitterWulff-ManMore Photos from Wulff-Man   CategoryFish    Last Update2006/10/25 2:40
Hits2562  Comments8   9.20009.20 (5 votes)
Please comment if this your picture.

Photo No. 2395-2403 (out of 2461 photos hit)

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