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Photo No. 2386-2394 (out of 2461 photos hit)

Virginia Brookie

Virginia BrookiePopular
Submitteralbud1962More Photos from albud1962   CategoryStreams    Last Update2007/1/4 7:39
Hits2618  Comments11   9.00009.00 (3 votes)
Fish caught outside of Harrisonburg VA. .

Nescopeck trib brookie

Nescopeck trib brookiePopular
SubmittervealboyMore Photos from vealboy   CategoryFish    Last Update2006/12/30 12:02
Hits1717  Comments10   7.00007.00 (5 votes)

Rainbow on the Falling Springs

Rainbow on the Falling SpringsPopular
SubmitternewguyMore Photos from newguy   CategoryFish    Last Update2006/12/22 8:22
Hits1971  Comments10   6.80006.80 (5 votes)
Caught 12/21/06 on a bead head nymph. .

Berks County Brookie

Berks County BrookiePopular
SubmitterWulff-ManMore Photos from Wulff-Man   CategoryFish    Last Update2006/12/19 18:43
Hits1895  Comments0   5.25005.25 (4 votes)
Caught 12/17/06, on a Royal Wulff, of course. .

West Branch Perkiomen Native

West Branch Perkiomen NativePopular
SubmitterculmerMore Photos from culmer   CategoryFish    Last Update2006/12/14 13:16
Hits1774  Comments0   5.75005.75 (4 votes)
Nice little native from the West Branch of the Perkiomen .

Yellow Breeches Bow

Yellow Breeches BowPopular
SubmitterMauriceMore Photos from Maurice   CategoryFish    Last Update2006/12/13 9:14
Hits2579  Comments16   5.00005.00 (2 votes)
Caught this 14" rainbow in the open water during a 50 degree December day. Only torut of the day though. .

Pine Creek Shrimp

Pine Creek ShrimpPopular
SubmittersandflyMore Photos from sandfly   CategoryGeneral Fly Fishing    Last Update2006/12/8 10:00
Hits2196  Comments1   9.00009.00 (2 votes)
Quarter next to a shrimp from pine. .

Pine Creek shrimp

Pine Creek shrimpPopular
SubmittersandflyMore Photos from sandfly   CategoryGeneral Fly Fishing    Last Update2006/12/8 9:56
Hits2346  Comments9   3.00003.00 (3 votes)
just thought some of you would like to see the size of the freshwater shrimp in pine.

West Branch Perkiomen 15" Native

West Branch Perkiomen 15" NativePopular
SubmitterculmerMore Photos from culmer   CategoryFish    Last Update2006/12/1 16:21
Hits2399  Comments3   8.44448.44 (9 votes)
Nice native from the West branch of the Perkiomen.

Photo No. 2386-2394 (out of 2461 photos hit)

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