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Photo No. 2386-2394 (out of 2454 photos hit)

Pine Creek shrimp

Pine Creek shrimpPopular
SubmittersandflyMore Photos from sandfly   CategoryGeneral Fly Fishing    Last Update2006/12/8 9:56
Hits2379  Comments9   3.00003.00 (3 votes)
just thought some of you would like to see the size of the freshwater shrimp in pine.

West Branch Perkiomen 15" Native

West Branch Perkiomen 15" NativePopular
SubmitterculmerMore Photos from culmer   CategoryFish    Last Update2006/12/1 16:21
Hits2433  Comments3   8.44448.44 (9 votes)
Nice native from the West branch of the Perkiomen.

Anudder one

Anudder onePopular
SubmitterMauriceMore Photos from Maurice   CategoryFish    Last Update2006/11/30 18:39
Hits2092  Comments0   5.33335.33 (3 votes)
Same day smaller fish. . .

Muddy Creek wild brown

Muddy Creek wild brownPopular
SubmitterMauriceMore Photos from Maurice   CategoryFish    Last Update2006/11/30 18:34
Hits1882  Comments0   7.00007.00 (3 votes)
Last day of November, 70 degrees and a wooly bugger. .

Fog on Clark's Creek

Fog on Clark's CreekPopular
SubmitterMCWolfe6More Photos from MCWolfe6   CategoryStreams    Last Update2006/11/22 10:44
Hits2315  Comments0   8.20008.20 (5 votes)
I took this photo one morning on Clark's Creek when the fog started rolling down the creek toward's me. It gave me a peaceful feeling. .

Treaster Run Wild Brown

Treaster Run Wild BrownPopular
SubmitterMauriceMore Photos from Maurice   CategoryFish    Last Update2006/11/15 12:28
Hits2266  Comments1   7.25007.25 (4 votes)
One of a few I caught this big. . .

Treaster Run

Treaster RunPopular
SubmitterMauriceMore Photos from Maurice   CategoryStreams    Last Update2006/11/15 12:25
Hits2739  Comments1   6.00006.00 (1 vote)
A gloomy yet balmy (in the 50's) fall day on Treaster Run above the stocked section. Being all alone in a place like this can put you in a groove you don't wanna get out of. .

Young Womans Rainbow

Young Womans RainbowPopular
SubmitteralbatrossMore Photos from albatross   CategoryFish    Last Update2006/11/12 18:13
Hits2176  Comments0   7.00007.00 (2 votes)
Sunny Friday 11/10/2006. This stream is stocked with rainbows in April, so the fish had some nice color by November. .

9" Brookie

9" BrookiePopular
SubmitterMKernMore Photos from MKern   CategoryFish    Last Update2006/11/9 18:40
Hits2288  Comments1   7.60007.60 (5 votes)
Caught this guy in the middle of a mountain stream that's about 6 feet across. .

Photo No. 2386-2394 (out of 2454 photos hit)

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