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Photo No. 2242-2250 (out of 2279 photos hit)

Hook Jaw

Hook JawPopular
SubmitterFishidiotMore Photos from Fishidiot   CategoryFish    Last Update2007/2/18 14:27
Hits2431  Comments2   9.50009.50 (6 votes)
Caught and released this guy on Falling Springs, Jan 2007 - estimated his weight at about 8 Ilbs. Fishidiot.

valley creek falls

valley creek fallsPopular
Submitterthe-nynphsterMore Photos from the-nynphster   CategoryStreams    Last Update2007/2/13 13:04
Hits2135  Comments1   8.33338.33 (3 votes)

Monster brown

Monster brownPopular
SubmitterspectorflyMore Photos from spectorfly   CategoryFish    Last Update2007/1/15 20:54
Hits1990  Comments2   8.80008.80 (5 votes)
Another brown on my hometown stream in the catch and release section. Took me 10 minuets to get him in on my 3wt. Wasn't expecting to catch a "salmon" that day.

Hometown Brown Trout

Hometown Brown TroutPopular
SubmitterspectorflyMore Photos from spectorfly   CategoryFish    Last Update2007/1/15 20:52
Hits1893  Comments10   8.50008.50 (2 votes)
Caught this brown on my hometown stream. Big beefy bugger.

Pine Creek shrimp

Pine Creek shrimpPopular
SubmittersandflyMore Photos from sandfly   CategoryGeneral Fly Fishing    Last Update2006/12/8 9:56
Hits2682  Comments9   3.00003.00 (3 votes)
just thought some of you would like to see the size of the freshwater shrimp in pine.

Fishing Creek Brookie

Fishing Creek BrookiePopular
Submitterfly_flingerMore Photos from fly_flinger   CategoryFish    Last Update2006/11/3 18:59
Hits2355  Comments1   7.66677.67 (3 votes)
I caught this nice little brookie at Fishing Creek on Tuesday. .

Two Great Fishermen

Two Great FishermenPopular
SubmitterPadraicMore Photos from Padraic   CategoryStreams    Last Update2006/10/9 9:55
Hits4082  Comments11   4.00004.00 (6 votes)
Yep, that's Paul G in the background. .

Clarks Creek

Clarks CreekPopular
SubmitterPadraicMore Photos from Padraic   CategoryStreams    Last Update2006/10/9 8:59
Hits4064  Comments2   4.75004.75 (8 votes)
The fog makes this one look kinda smeery, but that's what I like about it. In fact, despite the technical issues of the photo, it's one of my favorite Clark's Creek pictures.

Green Drake Spinner

Green Drake SpinnerPopular
SubmitterPadraicMore Photos from Padraic   CategoryGeneral Fly Fishing    Last Update2006/10/9 8:14
Hits3370  Comments14   5.33335.33 (3 votes)
The famous and infamous Green Drake. This one was captured near the East Branch of the Delaware. .

Photo No. 2242-2250 (out of 2279 photos hit)

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