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Photo No. 2197-2205 (out of 2323 photos hit)

pocono brookie

pocono brookiePopular
SubmittervealboyMore Photos from vealboy   CategoryFish    Last Update2007/9/8 18:56
Hits1709  Comments0   2.80002.80 (5 votes)

North Branch Wild Brownie

North Branch Wild BrowniePopular
SubmitterMauriceMore Photos from Maurice   CategoryFish    Last Update2007/9/5 7:09
Hits2509  Comments0   6.00006.00 (2 votes)

Is this a hex nymph?

Is this a hex nymph?Popular
SubmittertomgamberMore Photos from tomgamber   CategoryGeneral Fly Fishing    Last Update2007/8/28 10:42
Hits2363  Comments14   8.00008.00 (2 votes)
just tired of seeing that hunk of granite. . .

Whiskey and Fly Fishing, admirable pursuits

Whiskey and Fly Fishing, admirable pursuitsPopular
SubmitterginkyhackleMore Photos from ginkyhackle   CategoryGeneral Fly Fishing    Last Update2007/8/11 23:37
Hits2086  Comments10   7.33337.33 (3 votes)
I though you might like to see this. When I was in Ireland this spring, I came across this monument to a fly-fisherman, goat-herder and moonshiner. If you remove the goats, wouldn't we all sign up for the job.

Chester County's Sacred Water - Valley Creek

Chester County's Sacred Water - Valley CreekPopular
SubmitterginkyhackleMore Photos from ginkyhackle   CategoryStreams    Last Update2007/8/9 16:09
Hits2345  Comments13   9.00009.00 (1 vote)
Valley creek, the urbanized stream that has survived all kinds of threats. It population of wild brown trout makes it a regional treasure. .

Nothing Says summer like smallies

Nothing Says summer like smalliesPopular
SubmitterginkyhackleMore Photos from ginkyhackle   CategoryFish    Last Update2007/8/7 11:16
Hits2149  Comments10   8.83338.83 (6 votes)
The Brandywine River is full of these guys right now. Wading with a 8 weight and big buggy nymphs is huge fun. .

Another Trico Spinner

Another Trico SpinnerPopular
SubmitteronemorecastMore Photos from onemorecast   CategoryGeneral Fly Fishing    Last Update2007/8/6 20:31
Hits2107  Comments0   7.50007.50 (2 votes)

Spent Trico

Spent TricoPopular
SubmitteronemorecastMore Photos from onemorecast   CategoryGeneral Fly Fishing    Last Update2007/8/6 20:28
Hits2088  Comments11   9.50009.50 (2 votes)
Little Lehigh 8/6/07I love how the wings appear iridescent. .

Wolf Track

Wolf TrackPopular
SubmitterflyfishermanjMore Photos from flyfishermanj   CategoryGeneral Fly Fishing    Last Update2007/8/4 16:18
Hits2034  Comments9   7.00007.00 (1 vote)
Was fishing along the Lamar River(YNP) when I came across this wolf track. I put my reel into the picture to show how big it was. Later that day, I decided to move upstream, climbed up the bank and there was a wolf a little over 200 yards away.

Photo No. 2197-2205 (out of 2323 photos hit)

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