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Photo No. 2152-2160 (out of 2453 photos hit)

indian run (chester county) brown

indian run (chester county) brownPopular
SubmitterginkyhackleMore Photos from ginkyhackle   CategoryFish    Last Update2007/8/4 0:47
Hits1358  Comments13   6.00006.00 (2 votes)
I love this little weed-encrusted stream. I caught this brownie under a tree festooned with snagged rooster tails and mepps spinners. Chester county's Indian Run is generally quite shallow with a few deep pools.

Indian Run Tionesta

Indian Run TionestaPopular
SubmitterbuckbarrettMore Photos from buckbarrett   CategoryStreams    Last Update2007/7/30 0:34
Hits1745  Comments6   6.50006.50 (2 votes)

Dunbar Cr. in the Winter

Dunbar Cr. in the WinterPopular
SubmitterflyfishermanjMore Photos from flyfishermanj   CategoryStreams    Last Update2007/7/29 0:44
Hits1524  Comments8   7.66677.67 (3 votes)
I took this picture and then dropped my camera in the water. It still works, but that's why I like this picture. JH.

Lamar River Sunset (YNP)

Lamar River Sunset (YNP)Popular
SubmitterflyfishermanjMore Photos from flyfishermanj   CategoryGeneral Fly Fishing    Last Update2007/7/29 0:27
Hits1501  Comments23   8.75008.75 (4 votes)
Took this photo on my first trip to Yellowsone National Park. .

Indian Run brook

Indian Run brookPopular
SubmitterbuckbarrettMore Photos from buckbarrett   CategoryFish    Last Update2007/7/26 23:32
Hits1344  Comments1   6.00006.00 (4 votes)
My first one.

another "hard to catch brown"

another "hard to catch brown"Popular
SubmittersalvelinusfontinalisMore Photos from salvelinusfontinalis   CategoryFish    Last Update2007/7/26 19:37
Hits1645  Comments1   9.60009.60 (5 votes)
heres another nice wild brown. .

the hardest wild brown i ever caught and the biggest!

the hardest wild brown i ever caught and the biggest!Popular
SubmittersalvelinusfontinalisMore Photos from salvelinusfontinalis   CategoryFish    Last Update2007/7/26 19:36
Hits1750  Comments1   9.14299.14 (7 votes)
i learned alot persuing this fish. .

Unknown native stream

Unknown native streamPopular
SubmittersdwlucasMore Photos from sdwlucas   CategoryStreams    Last Update2007/7/23 23:40
Hits1869  Comments10   9.66679.67 (3 votes)
Decided after fishing the Lil J I would try this stream. I saw quite a few nice size brookies but failed to catch any. Maybe next time.

york county wild

york county wildPopular
SubmittersalvelinusfontinalisMore Photos from salvelinusfontinalis   CategoryFish    Last Update2007/7/19 1:15
Hits1642  Comments2   8.33338.33 (3 votes)
good lookin fish .

Photo No. 2152-2160 (out of 2453 photos hit)

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