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Photo No. 2089-2097 (out of 2388 photos hit)

20 lb first chinook

20 lb first chinookPopular
SubmitteroncorhynchusmykissMore Photos from oncorhynchusmykiss   CategoryFish    Last Update2009/1/15 20:22
Hits1942  Comments7   7.00007.00 (3 votes)
this is a 20lb chinook I caught on the salmon river over columbus day weekend. sorry for the bad quality but the picture was taken with a disposable and loaded with the scanner.

French Creek 1-11-09

French Creek 1-11-09Popular
SubmitterEdmoMore Photos from Edmo   CategoryFish    Last Update2009/1/11 21:23
Hits1911  Comments9   8.50008.50 (2 votes)

Pretty Steel

Pretty SteelPopular
SubmitteracristickidMore Photos from acristickid   CategoryFish    Last Update2009/1/10 23:09
Hits1662  Comments5   8.50008.50 (2 votes)
This was probably the most beautiful steelhead I landed all season. .

Potter county wild brown...19"

Potter county wild brown...19"Popular
Submitterjury2323More Photos from jury2323   CategoryFish    Last Update2009/1/10 18:09
Hits1745  Comments11   8.66678.67 (3 votes)
Late April 2007, trib to Pine creek.

Elk Creek

Elk CreekPopular
SubmitterMapleSteelyMore Photos from MapleSteely   CategoryStreams    Last Update2009/1/7 15:59
Hits2068  Comments11   10.000010.00 (2 votes)
Elk Creek, November 18.

Prego Steelie

Prego SteeliePopular
SubmitterryguyfiMore Photos from ryguyfi   CategoryFish    Last Update2008/12/11 13:45
Hits1887  Comments6   8.00008.00 (3 votes)
Nice female, full of eggs. Cold that day, but hooking into one of those sure warms you up quickly. .

Fighting Elk Creek Steel

Fighting Elk Creek SteelPopular
SubmitterjayLMore Photos from jayL   CategoryFish    Last Update2008/12/10 20:27
Hits2194  Comments21   7.33337.33 (3 votes)
Huge fish. . .

Small Elk Creek Steel

Small Elk Creek SteelPopular
SubmitterjayLMore Photos from jayL   CategoryFish    Last Update2008/12/10 20:26
Hits1852  Comments5   7.20007.20 (5 votes)
Candid pic. Credits to Acristickid on the photography skills. .

First Erie Steel

First Erie SteelPopular
SubmitterjayLMore Photos from jayL   CategoryFish    Last Update2008/12/10 20:25
Hits2196  Comments1   7.50007.50 (2 votes)
Credits to Albatross on the pic. .

Photo No. 2089-2097 (out of 2388 photos hit)

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