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Nicely Colored Brown

Nicely Colored BrownPopular
SubmitterFYflyMore Photos from FYfly   CategoryFish    Last Update2008/11/19 22:34
Hits1704  Comments1   9.00009.00 (3 votes)
Caught in spring creek on a small olive scud.

Large Brown

Large BrownPopular
SubmitterFYflyMore Photos from FYfly   CategoryFish    Last Update2008/11/19 22:31
Hits1514  Comments12   9.50009.50 (2 votes)
Caught in Spring Creek, didnt measure it but would guess around 24" and fat.

Big Spring Brown

Big Spring BrownPopular
SubmitterFishidiotMore Photos from Fishidiot   CategoryFish    Last Update2008/11/19 8:55
Hits2004  Comments19   9.50009.50 (4 votes)
24" - Big Spring Creek. Fishidiot.

Narrows Brookie

Narrows BrookiePopular
Submitterfroghair5More Photos from froghair5   CategoryFish    Last Update2008/11/18 16:38
Hits1785  Comments10   8.00008.00 (2 votes)
Caught this one this season on a sulphur emerger. I think it was my first Brook Trout in the narrows (Fishing Creek). For some reason I only caught Brookies during the spring.

Colorful Steelhead

Colorful SteelheadPopular
SubmitterryguyfiMore Photos from ryguyfi   CategoryFish    Last Update2008/11/12 14:32
Hits2135  Comments26   9.00009.00 (2 votes)
most colorful steelhead I've caught so far. The picture doesn't do it justice, but it was a beautiful pink hue throughout the whole fish with a dark red lateral line, pushing 8 pounds. .

Brown from small SEPA stream

Brown from small SEPA streamPopular
SubmitternimrodMore Photos from nimrod   CategoryFish    Last Update2008/11/9 8:42
Hits2060  Comments17   8.33338.33 (3 votes)

Wild Bow

Wild BowPopular
SubmitterspectorflyMore Photos from spectorfly   CategoryFish    Last Update2008/11/7 12:22
Hits1714  Comments12   8.50008.50 (6 votes)
DHALO section of the Tully above Papermill Hole. Caught about 20 of these that day Mostly on BWO and white buggers. .

Brown Trout

Brown TroutPopular
SubmitterspectorflyMore Photos from spectorfly   CategoryFish    Last Update2008/11/7 12:17
Hits1814  Comments8   7.50007.50 (4 votes)
2 words - Lititz Run.

Small SEPA stream in fall

Small SEPA stream in fallPopular
SubmitternimrodMore Photos from nimrod   CategoryStreams    Last Update2008/11/4 17:50
Hits1989  Comments12   7.50007.50 (2 votes)

Photo No. 2080-2088 (out of 2342 photos hit)

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