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Native Brookie Stream

Native Brookie StreamPopular
SubmittercastinkevMore Photos from castinkev   CategoryStreams    Last Update2009/3/12 15:18
Hits1642  Comments0   6.85716.86 (7 votes)
this is a native stream by my camp in clarion. i actually took this pic on my phone during deer season because i like the way it looks with the snow. we've caught many native brook trout in it, although not too many that top 6 inches.

Big Cuda in '06

Big Cuda in '06Popular
SubmitterryguyfiMore Photos from ryguyfi   CategoryFish    Last Update2009/3/12 13:15
Hits2334  Comments5   1.80001.80 (5 votes)
I've been bugging my wife to finally get this picture to me. I caught it drift fishing on the last day of my honeymoon. My wife wasn't too happy about getting out of bed at 7am to fish, and she got a little sea sick, but I caught a big fish so it was worth it lol.

Bad photo, but nice fish

Bad photo, but nice fishPopular
SubmitterryguyfiMore Photos from ryguyfi   CategoryFish    Last Update2009/3/2 19:36
Hits2748  Comments17   3.33333.33 (33 votes)
Probably my best steelie to date. . .


SubmitteracristickidMore Photos from acristickid   CategoryFish    Last Update2009/3/2 14:52
Hits2595  Comments10   4.37504.38 (8 votes)
Caught this at night in Florida on a shrimp pattern. They fight very well. .

Spring Creek Brookie

Spring Creek BrookiePopular
SubmitterFYflyMore Photos from FYfly   CategoryFish    Last Update2009/2/18 21:16
Hits2278  Comments24   6.37506.38 (8 votes)
caught 2-17-08 black wooleybugger .

Falling Springs Brown

Falling Springs Brown Popular
Submitter3wt7XMore Photos from 3wt7X   CategoryFish    Last Update2009/2/12 21:18
Hits2420  Comments24   7.14297.14 (7 votes)
I am about 98% certain that this is a wild brown. Regardless, it was my biggest brown trout ever. Fishidiot had this fish on about three cast prior to letting me throw an egg pattern, which proved to be its undoing.

Fishing the Sinnemahoning Creek - Cameron County - Feb '09

Fishing the Sinnemahoning Creek - Cameron County - Feb '09Popular
SubmitterwgmillerMore Photos from wgmiller   CategoryGeneral Fly Fishing    Last Update2009/2/12 10:37
Hits2412  Comments12   7.00007.00 (1 vote)
Dodging the ice drifts on the Sinnemahoning Creek and getting skunked in the process. The fish were laying low and there wasn't a lot of open water. Still had fun though.

Valley Creek Brown

Valley Creek BrownPopular
SubmitterTJD123More Photos from TJD123   CategoryFish    Last Update2009/2/8 21:20
Hits1953  Comments23   6.00006.00 (2 votes)


SubmitterFYflyMore Photos from FYfly   CategoryFish    Last Update2009/2/8 19:12
Hits1488  Comments0   9.00009.00 (4 votes)

Photo No. 2026-2034 (out of 2348 photos hit)

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