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Photo No. 1981-1989 (out of 2328 photos hit)

22" from Lititz

22" from LititzPopular
Submitterslay12345More Photos from slay12345   CategoryFish    Last Update2009/4/6 11:37
Hits1699  Comments0   9.00009.00 (2 votes)
Slightly murky conditions on opening day helped me on this 22 inch brownie in the C&R on Lititz. Didn't see a single person until I visited the stocked section in the park which was a madhouse. .

Spring Creek Brown

Spring Creek BrownPopular
SubmitteracristickidMore Photos from acristickid   CategoryFish    Last Update2009/4/5 11:16
Hits1747  Comments3   9.50009.50 (2 votes)
Nice sized Brown from Spring Creek- probably a hatchery escapee. .

Private Property

Private Property Popular
SubmitteregillispieMore Photos from egillispie   CategoryStreams    Last Update2009/4/3 18:00
Hits1510  Comments0   5.00005.00 (1 vote)
This bridge crosses a wonderful stream to access private property. The creek forks just above this footbridge. This is the fartherest one can drive up this hollow along the stream before the road does leaves the stream for good.

Benny at Big Spring Creek

Benny at Big Spring CreekPopular
SubmitterFishidiotMore Photos from Fishidiot   CategoryStreams    Last Update2009/4/1 14:16
Hits1470  Comments0   8.50008.50 (2 votes)
The Incredible Fly Fishing Weiner Dog looks for risers on Big Spring, March 2009. Ben says, "Hey Fishidiot, I think I see one - try to seak up from downstream and don't fall in the water dude.

Head Shot

Head Shot Popular
Submitter3wt7XMore Photos from 3wt7X   CategoryFish    Last Update2009/4/1 14:12
Hits1437  Comments0   7.50007.50 (4 votes)
A close up on a nice Savage river wild brown. .

Pretty Release

Pretty Release Popular
Submitter3wt7XMore Photos from 3wt7X   CategoryFish    Last Update2009/4/1 14:10
Hits1507  Comments0   9.00009.00 (3 votes)
I got a good picture of this Savage River brown as he eased back into a pool. .

Savage River

Savage RiverPopular
Submitter3wt7XMore Photos from 3wt7X   CategoryStreams    Last Update2009/4/1 14:08
Hits1353  Comments0   9.00009.00 (2 votes)
Here is a good shot of the powerful Savage River. .


SubmitterMeltMore Photos from Melt   CategoryGeneral Fly Fishing    Last Update2009/3/30 6:16
Hits1464  Comments0   8.33338.33 (3 votes)
Just something from the fly fishing files. .

Little wild rainbow

Little wild rainbowPopular
SubmitterJakesLeakyWadersMore Photos from JakesLeakyWaders   CategoryFish    Last Update2009/3/29 17:20
Hits1351  Comments0   8.00008.00 (1 vote)
Caught in February small spring creek, nice colors and parr marks. .

Photo No. 1981-1989 (out of 2328 photos hit)

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