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Photo No. 1954-1962 (out of 2458 photos hit)

Brown Trout

Brown TroutPopular
SubmitterspectorflyMore Photos from spectorfly   CategoryFish    Last Update2008/11/7 12:17
Hits1370  Comments8   7.50007.50 (4 votes)
2 words - Lititz Run.

Small SEPA stream in fall

Small SEPA stream in fallPopular
SubmitternimrodMore Photos from nimrod   CategoryStreams    Last Update2008/11/4 17:50
Hits1409  Comments12   7.50007.50 (2 votes)

Wild brown from small SEPA stream

Wild brown from small SEPA streamPopular
SubmitternimrodMore Photos from nimrod   CategoryFish    Last Update2008/11/3 19:43
Hits1186  Comments7   6.00006.00 (2 votes)
Caught on a zebra midge.

Valley Creek Brown

Valley Creek BrownPopular
SubmitterWildtypeMore Photos from Wildtype   CategoryFish    Last Update2008/11/3 19:16
Hits1230  Comments0   9.00009.00 (2 votes)
October BWO hatch.

Fly Rod Steel

Fly Rod SteelPopular
Submitteralbud1962More Photos from albud1962   CategoryFish    Last Update2008/10/30 19:44
Hits1559  Comments2   8.00008.00 (1 vote)
Caught this steel stripping buggers on Elk. First steelhead on a flyrod. .

Fall rainbow in spawning colors

Fall rainbow in spawning colorsPopular
SubmitteralbatrossMore Photos from albatross   CategoryFish    Last Update2008/10/20 9:43
Hits1630  Comments15   7.85717.86 (7 votes)
This fish took an egg on Meadow Run. .

Cicada 08

Cicada 08Popular
SubmitteracristickidMore Photos from acristickid   CategoryGeneral Fly Fishing    Last Update2008/10/7 10:40
Hits1677  Comments10   7.00007.00 (1 vote)
Cicada summer 2008. This was the best and or easiest fly fishing experience I ever had. .

Streamer Brown

Streamer BrownPopular
SubmitterFYflyMore Photos from FYfly   CategoryFish    Last Update2008/10/3 20:14
Hits1476  Comments9   9.66679.67 (3 votes)
Caught this guy in spring creek, have been doing really well with streamers the last couple weeks. The browns are starting to get that mean streak that comes with the cooler weather. .

Penns Creek

Penns Creek Popular
SubmitteracristickidMore Photos from acristickid   CategoryStreams    Last Update2008/10/3 14:22
Hits1647  Comments11   6.66676.67 (3 votes)
Pool on Penns in the fall. Leaves started to change here. .

Photo No. 1954-1962 (out of 2458 photos hit)

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