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Photo No. 1873-1881 (out of 2348 photos hit)

Falling Springs - Greenway Meadow

Falling Springs - Greenway MeadowPopular
SubmitterFishidiotMore Photos from Fishidiot   CategoryStreams    Last Update2009/6/23 21:14
Hits1618  Comments1   8.00008.00 (1 vote)
Falling Springs, June 09Fishidiot.

Sea Trout - Florida

Sea Trout - FloridaPopular
SubmitterPittflyguyMore Photos from Pittflyguy   CategoryFish    Last Update2009/6/19 17:12
Hits1563  Comments0   0.00 (0 votes)0.00 (0 votes)
Night fishing for Snook and Trout. . .

Lick Run

Lick RunPopular
SubmittermattdMore Photos from mattd   CategoryStreams    Last Update2009/6/14 1:55
Hits1496  Comments1   0.00 (0 votes)0.00 (0 votes)

Big Brown on Fly Rod

Big Brown on Fly RodPopular
SubmitterevanmartMore Photos from evanmart   CategoryFish    Last Update2009/6/13 16:31
Hits1352  Comments2   9.00009.00 (1 vote)
I was so pumped when i saw this thing come up and slam my woolly bugger. Definately my best trout on the fly rod. .

Pine Creek

Pine CreekPopular
SubmitterskybayMore Photos from skybay   CategoryGeneral Fly Fishing    Last Update2009/6/12 21:33
Hits1898  Comments0   6.00006.00 (3 votes)

Antietam Slab

Antietam SlabPopular
SubmitterGuest   CategoryFish    Last Update2009/6/12 18:09
Hits1548  Comments2   9.60009.60 (5 votes)
Antietam creek produces some slabs. .

Clarks 6/9/09

Clarks 6/9/09Popular
Submittermxracer846More Photos from mxracer846   CategoryFish    Last Update2009/6/9 15:52
Hits1789  Comments0   0.00 (0 votes)0.00 (0 votes)
Caught using a Blue Winged Olive.

Dances with Mayflies

Dances with MayfliesPopular
SubmitterdkileMore Photos from dkile   CategoryGeneral Fly Fishing    Last Update2009/6/9 6:54
Hits2014  Comments5   9.16679.17 (12 votes)
Maurice on Muddy Creek. I like the B&W. .

First Tiger Trout

First Tiger TroutPopular
SubmitterdjmyersMore Photos from djmyers   CategoryFish    Last Update2009/6/7 21:57
Hits1729  Comments1   4.50004.50 (2 votes)
Caught this nice tiger trout on Lititz Run in the Mill Port Conservancy.

Photo No. 1873-1881 (out of 2348 photos hit)

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