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Photo No. 1747-1755 (out of 2253 photos hit)

Surface Golden

Surface GoldenPopular
SubmitterMountainbrookieMore Photos from Mountainbrookie   CategoryFish    Last Update2009/7/19 20:40
Hits1191  Comments0   0.00 (0 votes)0.00 (0 votes)
Golden Rainbow taken on a black gnat. .

Carbon County

Carbon CountyPopular
Submitterwildtrout2More Photos from wildtrout2   CategoryStreams    Last Update2009/7/18 19:58
Hits957  Comments0   0.00 (0 votes)0.00 (0 votes)
Some nice pools/runs on this little brookie stream. .

Youghiogheny Smallmouth 07/18/2009

Youghiogheny Smallmouth 07/18/2009Popular
SubmitterJackMMore Photos from JackM   CategoryFish    Last Update2009/7/18 16:17
Hits1089  Comments1   6.00006.00 (3 votes)

no title

no titlePopular
SubmitterMountainbrookieMore Photos from Mountainbrookie   CategoryFish    Last Update2009/7/18 14:48
Hits999  Comments0   9.50009.50 (2 votes)
A beautifully colored brookie caught on a black wooly bugger. .


SubmitterTenkaraUSAMore Photos from TenkaraUSA   Category2009 Photo Contest    Last Update2009/7/18 2:55
Hits1829  Comments4   9.00009.00 (1 vote)
Fishing a small stream can many times feel enlightening. When you do it with a tenkara rod, and the light shows you exactly where the fish are holding, that can be . .

Savage River Brown

Savage River BrownPopular
Submitter3wt7XMore Photos from 3wt7X   CategoryFish    Last Update2009/7/12 22:15
Hits1147  Comments6   9.50009.50 (2 votes)
A beautiful Savage River Wild brown that fell for a size 20 Griffith's gnat. What a fight. .

Fishing Friend

Fishing FriendPopular
SubmitterSteelCityIrishMore Photos from SteelCityIrish   Category2009 Photo Contest    Last Update2009/7/12 20:06
Hits1424  Comments0   6.00006.00 (3 votes)

Pretty brown

Pretty brown Popular
Submitterwildtrout2More Photos from wildtrout2   CategoryFish    Last Update2009/7/12 18:27
Hits903  Comments0   0.00 (0 votes)0.00 (0 votes)
I love all the different spot patterns you find on wild browns. .

Native brookie

Native brookiePopular
Submitterwildtrout2More Photos from wildtrout2   Category2009 Photo Contest    Last Update2009/7/12 18:21
Hits1507  Comments0   4.33334.33 (3 votes)
It doesn't get much better. .

Photo No. 1747-1755 (out of 2253 photos hit)

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