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Photo No. 1711-1719 (out of 2342 photos hit)

Fall Evening on the Yellow Breeches

Fall Evening on the Yellow BreechesPopular
SubmitterdkileMore Photos from dkile   CategoryStreams    Last Update2009/11/2 13:09
Hits1595  Comments0   0.00 (0 votes)0.00 (0 votes)

Early Morning Rise in Paradise

Early Morning Rise in ParadisePopular
SubmitterTheDudeMore Photos from TheDude   Category2009 Photo Contest    Last Update2009/10/31 23:55
Hits2974  Comments8   8.50008.50 (4 votes)

Strike on Tobyhanna Creek

Strike on Tobyhanna CreekPopular
SubmitterArtFeldmanMore Photos from ArtFeldman   Category2009 Photo Contest    Last Update2009/10/31 22:48
Hits2532  Comments2   9.25009.25 (4 votes)

Jam 'Bow

Jam 'BowPopular
SubmitterMattBoyerMore Photos from MattBoyer   Category2009 Photo Contest    Last Update2009/10/31 22:02
Hits2874  Comments5   8.00008.00 (2 votes)
This was my first fish from Spring Creek. JF_ drove me to the stream, PaulG told me where to cast. It was a true team effort.

Fishing Stony Creek

Fishing Stony CreekPopular
SubmitterflipMore Photos from flip   Category2009 Photo Contest    Last Update2009/10/31 9:29
Hits2627  Comments0   8.50008.50 (2 votes)

Autumn Brookie

Autumn BrookiePopular
SubmitterezpickinsMore Photos from ezpickins   Category2009 Photo Contest    Last Update2009/10/30 16:35
Hits2528  Comments1   8.50008.50 (4 votes)

Pine Creek

Pine CreekPopular
SubmitterskybayMore Photos from skybay   Category2009 Photo Contest    Last Update2009/10/29 23:44
Hits2387  Comments0   0.00 (0 votes)0.00 (0 votes)
Pine Creek in May.

Sal on the Letort

Sal on the LetortPopular
Submitterslay12345More Photos from slay12345   Category2009 Photo Contest    Last Update2009/10/29 16:23
Hits2457  Comments5   8.66678.67 (3 votes)
Lush greens for my calendar submission.

Wild Brown- Prouty Run- Potter County

Wild Brown- Prouty Run- Potter CountyPopular
Submitterslay12345More Photos from slay12345   CategoryFish    Last Update2009/10/29 16:03
Hits1423  Comments3   8.50008.50 (2 votes)
Beautiful brown landed and released.

Photo No. 1711-1719 (out of 2342 photos hit)

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