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SubmittersarceMore Photos from sarce   CategoryStreams    Last Update2014/4/18 0:52
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pic for Tups

21' Smallie, Cumberland County, PA--4/12/2014

21' Smallie, Cumberland County, PA--4/12/2014Popular
SubmitterNight_StalkerMore Photos from Night_Stalker   CategoryFish    Last Update2014/4/12 21:27
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Today, a 21" smallie got in the way of my brown trout hunt…the nerve!

Just getting warmed up DaveW.

Big Smallie - Doubt I'll Top This One Anytime Soon.

Big Smallie - Doubt I'll Top This One Anytime Soon.Popular
SubmitterFishidiotMore Photos from Fishidiot   CategoryFish    Last Update2014/4/12 16:46
Hits141  Comments0    0.00 (0 votes)0.00 (0 votes)
Here's an honest 21" river smallmouth - will probably be my best fly rod smallie  for awhile.  Took a black Clouser, early April, 2014.

CV Wilds

CV WildsPopular
Submitterodizz17More Photos from odizz17   CategoryFish    Last Update2014/4/1 13:15
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Mirror trout 2

Mirror trout 2Popular
SubmittersarceMore Photos from sarce   CategoryFish    Last Update2014/3/30 23:46
Hits177  Comments0    0.00 (0 votes)0.00 (0 votes)
Might be about as good as I can capture the effect on camera. Love these wild rainbows.

Limestone Brown

Limestone BrownPopular
Submitter3wt7XMore Photos from 3wt7X   CategoryFish    Last Update2014/3/30 22:21
Hits173  Comments0    8.00008.00 (2 votes)
This 18 inch brown surprised me, while streamer fishing a shallow undercut in the CV. The lack of sun did not do this fish's colors justice, and I loved the sparse spotting.

Opening Day Traditional Smallmouth Catch---Cumberland County (PA) 3/29/14

Opening Day Traditional Smallmouth Catch---Cumberland County (PA) 3/29/14Popular
SubmitterNight_StalkerMore Photos from Night_Stalker   CategoryFish    Last Update2014/3/29 23:40
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This year and last…the only thing caught on "Opening Day of Trout Season",  20" smallmouth. I was intending to hunt for muskie.

21" wild brown trout out of the Conodoguinet Creek

21" wild brown trout out of the Conodoguinet CreekPopular
Submitterflyfish1998More Photos from flyfish1998   CategoryFish    Last Update2014/3/29 12:06
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     I've been fishing at the connie for about 10 years now and it was the first creek i ever fished when i was 5.  I have never seen any brown trout throughout the years and ive only heard of them being caught here.  I was out at a spring creek yesterday and caught a hand full of wild browns so i thought I would check out the connie to see how it was doing and this is what I catch.  I got her on a 4" white and yellow sea ducer.   Im still in shock that i just caught this monster right now.

Cumberland County, PA--3/2014

Cumberland County, PA--3/2014Popular
SubmitterNight_StalkerMore Photos from Night_Stalker   CategoryFish    Last Update2014/3/22 23:33
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Today, before going out the door, I took scraps laying on the fly bench and made a few weird streamers. After casting over an area with some big streamers…I pulled out this mess (2.5" length) and caught this 19"er on this first cast. It actually looked better wet and pulled together and does flash colors of small minnows in the stream.

Photo No. 154-162 (out of 2481 photos hit)
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