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The Mender

The MenderPopular
SubmitterPocketWaterMore Photos from PocketWater   Category2016 Spring Photo Contest    Last Update2016/6/17 15:13
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The Mender.

Fun at the Run

Fun at the RunPopular
SubmitterDave_WMore Photos from Dave_W   Category2016 Spring Photo Contest    Last Update2016/6/16 16:34
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My wife Dawn catching and landing her first Brook Trout at Boiling Springs.   Title:  "Fun at The Run". Photo courtesy: JG63.

Mohican Brown, Southern Ohio

Mohican Brown, Southern OhioPopular
SubmitterbrannonmarshallMore Photos from brannonmarshall   Category2016 Spring Photo Contest    Last Update2016/6/16 15:29
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I nabbed this beautiful little brown in southern Ohio on a #18 black zebra midge on June 3, 2016. It was a beautiful Spring day with a little light rain in the morning and Sun all afternoon. My 5wt.

Dad on Francis Branch

Dad on Francis BranchPopular
SubmitterjalemonMore Photos from jalemon   Category2016 Spring Photo Contest    Last Update2016/6/15 8:27
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I recently spent a weekend camping on the Francis Branch. He is new to fly fishing and caught his first trout on the fly. We were fishing one morning and I looked back and thought "that looks like a picture" so I snapped a few photos.

Blue Line Escape

Blue Line EscapePopular
SubmittersarceMore Photos from sarce   Category2016 Spring Photo Contest    Last Update2016/6/14 23:11
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I was torn between a couple shots on this particular stream, but this pool gets the nod because it is everything you hope to find when you start fishing a nameless blue line on a map (wild brook trout included).  The surrounding forest protects the clean, cold water and is on public land for all to enjoy.  PA has thousands of streams like this, although this one happens to be located in Frederick County in northern MD - a perfect getaway from life in the DC suburbs.

The Drake

The Drake Popular
SubmitterguppieguyMore Photos from guppieguy   Category2016 Spring Photo Contest    Last Update2016/6/14 18:00
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The quintessential Pennsylvania Mayfly.

Dad Hunting Trout on the Tully

Dad Hunting Trout on the TullyPopular
SubmitterdonlaffertyMore Photos from donlafferty   CategoryStreams    Last Update2016/6/14 17:32
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May 27th at 6:45 am at Reiber's Bridge on Tuplehocken Creek. .

Brookie Release - April 2016

Brookie Release - April 2016Popular
Submitterjay348More Photos from jay348   Category2016 Spring Photo Contest    Last Update2016/6/12 10:42
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Limestone Brown

Limestone BrownPopular
Submitter3wt7XMore Photos from 3wt7X   Category2016 Spring Photo Contest    Last Update2016/6/7 8:35
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I thought this photograph honored the beauty of large wild brook trout in Pennsylvania's southern limestone spring creeks. I took this photo in late February after a good friend landed this nice male on a small nymph pattern. .

Photo No. 109-117 (out of 2386 photos hit)
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