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Re: Broken Sage rod.

2011/5/26 10:12
From Dauphin PA
Posts: 2565
OK, I hate being wrong so I've called Sage. $50 repair and over $150 repair statements are both correct. If you have a modern model like a z-axis, FLI, SP and others.... $50. If you have an older model GFL, MA, DS or RP..... you are looking at a $175 (or so) for repairs which end up being a total rod replace to a newer model.

Posted on: 2013/11/14 17:10
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Re: Broken Sage rod.

2007/10/17 10:49
From florida
Posts: 6120
Often on older rods you get a "credit" toward a new rod. I know Orvis does that.

Posted on: 2013/11/17 12:42
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Re: Broken Sage rod.

2010/1/2 15:17
From PA and NH
Posts: 690
I see the break is right above the hook keeper, maybe you've been nicking that spot to the point of weakening it. Probably the strongest visible spot on the rod.

Posted on: 2013/11/19 7:56

Re: Broken Sage rod.

2011/4/12 17:23
From Lancaster Co.
Posts: 1086

McSneek wrote:
I took my broken Sage Z-Axis back to the fly shop where it was purchased. They filled out a warranty form and sent the rod to Sage for repair/replacement. There was never any mention of a $50.00 fee or any S&H charges. I was told it may take 6 - 8 weeks for replacement/repair. I have back ups and at this time of year it's no big deal.

I guess as long as Sage offers the warranty I would keep sending the rod back to them for repair.

UPDATE - Picked my repaired rod up at the shop yesterday. Took close to two months for the repair but that's what i was told to expect up front. I guess I have a brand new butt section. Same serial # as the broken rod but obviously new blank, cork, reel seat, etc. Color matches rest of rod perfectly. Looks great. I am satisfied. I paid $65.00 S&H.

Posted on: 12/7 8:50
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Re: Broken Sage rod.
2006/9/9 19:16
From Dallastown, PA
Posts: 6822
$50 to fix, $15 to ship. There ya have it.

Posted on: 12/7 23:12
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Re: Broken Sage rod.

1/6 9:36
From Montgomery, PA
Posts: 92
I broke my TXL #000 weight . my bread and butter wild and native trout rod before starting to build my own. Sent it back to sage and I believe it cost 50$, but that was a few years ago..

Posted on: 1/27 13:06

Re: Broken Sage rod.

2009/4/21 16:39
Posts: 634
isn't the first time I have heard bad thing about sage warranty. its a good reason to get a new rod. they get a lot of broken rods so that is the reason for long turn around. could go with an orvis and they would just give you a new one. that's real customer service. they might be nice rods but I also like a good warranty and theirs sucks and there are many companies out there that would just make you pay for shipping if that.

Posted on: 1/29 23:05

Re: Broken Sage rod.

2009/11/5 1:46
Posts: 101
That policy stinks. You paid a lot more for a rod to get a "lifetime" warranty, and they still rock you a considerable amount. The $50 was reasonable, I guess. I suppose higher amount is still cheaper than a new rod.

Posted on: 3/3 14:01

Re: Broken Sage rod.

2011/7/6 13:48
From Philadelphia PA
Posts: 1232
I hate breaking rods. Maybe it's time to give up the ghost and buy a new one.

Posted on: 4/7 16:49
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Re: Broken Sage rod.

2011/5/24 8:38
Posts: 122
I had an old Sage GFL break in about the same spot while playing a big brown trout on Big Spring. It sounded like a 22 going off when it broke - I didn't know what the heck happened and no I didn't land the fish.
I got an old piece of rod from a junk store (might have even been an old glass spinning rod) and found an area of the junk rod that fit the taper inside of both sides of the break and epoxied it in place. Made some decorative type thread wraps over the break site and have been fishing with it for 5 or 6 yrs that way. As far down as that break is it really doesn't affect the action that much and mine is a 7 1/2' 5 wt.

Posted on: 4/14 22:16

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