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Re: What happens to all the fish...

2007/1/2 11:55
From Bozeman
Posts: 19932

wsender wrote:
Also, the water velocity at the bottom is significantly lower then at the top or in the main channel. Trout can just lie against the bottom, and exert very little effort, even during high water events.

Yep. Watch underwater videos of trout feeding. They sit on the bottom, seemingly effortlessly in some very fast water. They only appear to expend effort when they move into the main flow to grab a meal. Big searching flies don't just work in fast water because they are easier to notice in the turbulent flows... they also work because the reward for working so hard for a meal has to be higher.

Posted on: 2011/8/31 23:23

Re: What happens to all the fish...

2006/9/14 20:03
Posts: 255
Couple years ago I read a academic paper on fluid dynamics, partially funded by the defense department, where they measured the energy expenditure of swimming trout. The surprising result was as current velocity increased, trout used less energy to maintain position. Apparently in slow water, they had to work their fins and gills much harder to stay in place. As the current increased, their swimming efficiency increased as well.

The extra oxygen available from more water passing through the gills was not enough to account for the results. They went on to show the aerodynamic shape and sinusoidal body motion allowed trout to maintain position in a current while barely using its fins. Somewhat like a bird flying into the wind without flapping its wings.

Posted on: 2011/9/1 2:44
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Re: What happens to all the fish...

2011/3/31 12:18
From Clearfield
Posts: 2447
It is amazing how efficient nature is.

Posted on: 2011/9/1 7:48

Re: What happens to all the fish...

2010/8/9 16:23
Posts: 3364
Trout are really incredible when they're in their lies. I believe there is a video out there called "Trout Lies" or something to that affect and it's about an hour and change of great underwater footage of trout in a variety of lies. There is even footage showing that trout can move forward against current without using their tails and only manipulating their pectoral, dorsal, and anal fins. It's really quite remarkable.

Also, that video sheds a lot of light on to the whole 'adipose fin is useless' debate. It's worth the watch.

Posted on: 2011/9/1 8:57

Re: What happens to all the fish...

2011/8/15 15:02
From Bethlehem, PA
Posts: 115
The stream I fish the most, the Saucon Creek, gets hammered by high water every year. Usually at least one of the events is not unlike Irene the other day. The stream gets very far out of it's banks. Trees fall; some are washed down. Pools are scoured out or filled in; new channels appear. I've never known that to have much effect on the stream. Despite the high water events and the number of people that frequent it, whether fishermen or picnickers, I've been very successful there over the years and continue to call it my "home" water.

Posted on: 2011/9/1 12:08

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Re: What happens to all the fish...
2006/9/9 9:29
From Monessen, PA
Posts: 21685
Nature is resilient; and though we shouldn't lose our concern for some of these precious resources, Mother Nature is rarely, if ever, their enemy.

Posted on: 2011/9/1 17:29
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Re: What happens to all the fish...

2009/4/22 22:42
From Southwest, Pa
Posts: 98

JackM wrote:
Nature is resilient; and though we shouldn't lose our concern for some of these precious resources, Mother Nature is rarely, if ever, their enemy.

That's an awesome quote!

If I should recognize it, I don't. If that's your own, well done!

Posted on: 2011/10/5 10:00

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