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Re: Penn's Creek, Centre County, Trophy Section, 4/6/2012

2011/3/8 19:04
From York, PA
Posts: 0
So in the video posted above...the caddis are laying eggs on the water? So how long have they been adults st that point. How can I differentiate this from caddid that are emerging from pupa?

Posted on: 2012/4/10 17:40

Re: Penn's Creek, Centre County, Trophy Section, 4/6/2012

2010/6/26 11:19
From Along the Lehigh Above the Gap
Posts: 82
Time of day. That video was taken in the evening ( egg layers). In the morning the emergance usually happens.......I think.

Posted on: 2012/4/10 17:56
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Re: Penn's Creek, Centre County, Trophy Section, 4/6/2012

2011/5/26 10:12
From Dauphin PA
Posts: 24
Dave'S, that video is sick! It sounds like everyone did well on Penns. That is awesome to see. That creek isn't always so eager to give up fish.

Posted on: 2012/4/12 20:53
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Re: Penn's Creek, Centre County, Trophy Section, 4/6/2012

2011/6/12 20:15
From Newville, PA
Posts: 30
I was on Penn's on Sunday. Fished in the Cherry Run area and despite some struggles (falling and sliding down the mountain in my new waders, taking two swims in 44 degree water, dunking my camera, losing my reading glasses), I had one of the most productive days ever. The grannom and Hendrickson hatch and the return of the egg laying grannoms put on quite a show. On top of that, I nearly had the stream to myself.

Seeing no risers, I started off nymphing with zero success. Tried fishing soft hackles also with no success. Decided to slow down and pick out a calm pool and just watch. After 30 minutes without seeing a rise, I moved to faster water and was able to pick out fair number of heads popping up. A #14 CDC and elk hair was the ticket. The wind made accurate casts difficult at times, but it did not seem to matter as I had several trout leave their holding station and travel 3-4 feet to take my fly. Switched to Hendricksons about 3:00 with only moderate success. Just as I was starting to get frustrated, the egg layers came on strong and really brought the trout to the surface. Cannot wait to get back in two weeks. Surely hope we get some much needed rain in the meantime.

Posted on: 2012/4/16 22:19
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Re: Penn's Creek, Centre County, Trophy Section, 4/6/2012

2007/5/25 23:37
From Downingtown
Posts: 0
I had pretty much the exact same scenario on Saturday. The egg layers saved the day. From 4-6 while it was overcast and even a bit rainy, the trout were dialed in to the grannoms. Although I had to go to #12 as they were refusing #14s. I probably took a dozen in those 2 hours in the faster pocket water and missed as many or more. It was a feeding frenzy. Other than that, the rest of the day was extremely slow.

Posted on: 2012/4/16 22:43

Re: Penn's Creek, Centre County, Trophy Section, 4/6/2012

2007/3/25 16:25
From Central Jersey
Posts: 6
I did well early in the day. By noon, started at 11:00 I had about five. Four came from March Brown Emergers, and one on an ant. That was the end of the MB Emergers for me. Nothing touched them much after noon. My afternoon end evening success was all on Grannoms, except one on a beetle and one on a MB Dun. I had quite a few grannom patterns, but elk hair with a palmered hackle on the body was the only one they would touch. There were so many spent caddis on the water that I wish I had a better pattern. I did walk out to the "bubble line" at one frustrating time in the afternoon and saw three different caddis. Spent Grannoms, a small dark caddis, and a small tan caddis that was skittering in the surface. They were difficult to see, but I think the reason for the splashy rises. The sippers were obviously on the spent grannoms. That was my take on it at least.

Evening action was OK, but not awesome like two nights previous.

Posted on: 2012/4/17 22:59
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