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Lehigh River, Carbon County 9/7/13

2010/6/30 14:13
From Lehighton, PA
Posts: 79
Finally got out fishing early Saturday evening for the first time since my Adirondack trip in early June. I fished a personal favorite spot of mine well downstream of the gorge. You know in an area where some of you guys here don't think the Lehigh is cold enough for trout to holdover year round. A light mixed bag of bugs were hatching but mostly it seemed to be sulphur-looking mayflies and a few bigger bugs I figured were a mix of slate drakes. Later some golden stoneflies started to appear to aly their eggs.

I decided to start prospecting with a Slate drake emerger fished dry, an excellent producer in the past. It took a while to see any action but I finally saw a riser to target. A few casts later and the fish struck, I could see it was a brown trout. I only managed to sting him for a second with the hook. I took a few more casts and moved on a bit. I finally saw another riser and it appeared he was taking the "sulphurs" so I swtiched to a #14 parachute sulphur. It probably took at least 10 drifts before he finally took my offering. A decent fight but soon I landed the 13" stocked brown. I quickly released the feisty trout and worked my way up to another run.

Action was a tad slow and dinner was calling so I figured I'd put in a few more casts hoping to catch another fish or two before heading home. I left my floatant in the truck so was doing my best to keep the flies afloat each cast. I noticed some of the bigger mayflies looked lighter in color than the typical slate drakes so I figured what the heck & put on a March brown comparadun emerger to try to match the bug closer. At the end of the drift I was getting ready to make another cast and the fly was skipping along the surface when a good fish hit it hard. The fish bulldogged and made several good runs up and down stream, taking line against the drag. Twice I thought it was tired out and I tried to net it only to have it peel line off on another run. I could see it was a rainbow, a nice one at that! I finally got the trout to the net, yup rainbow and all of 17" and thick. It was a beautiful, healthy fish with nice long pectoral fins and looked quite a bit like steelhead. For the first time in a long while I was very, very tempted to take the fish home for dinner. I wanted to get a picture but the fish was not cooperating at all and I was getting worried I'd drop my phone and as the fish slipped from grasp I just decided to let it go.

Not a long outing but gosh it sure felt good to be back on a trout stream on such a beautiful September evening.

Posted on: 2013/9/9 14:27
"Right turn, Clyde."

Re: Lehigh River, Carbon County 9/7/13

2013/5/28 14:36
From Carbon County
Posts: 2
I don't know if its normal for the lehigh but I noticed the iso's/slate drakes are light in color as well. More like tan than brown or mahogany with light colored tails about 14-16 in size and they are still around here and there all the way til dark.

Posted on: 2013/9/9 17:39

Re: Lehigh River, Carbon County 9/7/13

2006/9/9 22:44
Posts: 35

Must have missed you on Sat. I too was out on the lower part of the trout water and the fishing was good! The bugs were a plenty. Quite a few isos from 3pm on, and then some bright yellow sulphurs after that. A few caddis here and there, along with a some large stones. The rocks on the rivers edge were covered with stonefly shucks.

We caught all fish on top. A nice mix of wild looking browns and stockies. The bow pictured was a very healthy looking fish (other than a lip scar). Who knows where it came from but if it looked very similar to an upper D bow. Nice fins, and fat. Not snakey at all.

Not sure what it is with this year but we've been turning up quite a few smaller wild looking browns (like the top fish pic). I don't think anyone is stocking these fish, and they are not fin clipped. So who knows what the deal is.

Can't wait to get out again, but if anyone is able to, do it. The fishing this fall might be one of the better second seasons we've seen on the LR in a while. We can thank Mother Nature and all her rain.

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Posted on: 2013/9/9 19:41

Re: Lehigh River, Carbon County 9/7/13

2010/1/2 15:17
From PA and NH
Posts: 14
Looks like everyone is itching to get back on the Lehigh, I just got home from fishing below the Po, and yesterday we hit the gorge.
Still getting more bass than trout, but the water is looking good.
The bug life is definately on the upswing below the gorge, I haven't fished at Riverwalk for maybe three years and the biomass has made a great rebound even in that short time. Got one nice brown on a sulpher dry and a nice bass on a stone nymph. My usual stone flipping was a real eye opener and yes the iso's nymphs are lighter than other pocono streams. The gorge on Sunday was all subsurface, plenty of stonefly shucks but not much else to speak of and more bass than trout It should be a fun fall

Posted on: 2013/9/9 21:29

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