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Lehigh River, Carbon County, 9/7/2013

2013/9/10 10:21
From Mountain Top
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this is my first stream report - so please indulge me any reporting faux pas:

time 6PM-7:50+ (dusk)

weather - temp was around 70-71* and clear skies and light wind

Location - Lehigh River - about a 1/2 mile below the turnpike bridge at a spot called The Powderhole by locals. it's a well known spot that is already fished pretty heavy by fly, spin and bait anglers so I don't mind sharing the info.

Water temps: approx 68-69*

Gear - Sage XP 9' 5#, trout hunter flourocarbon tippet 5x

Bugs: tons of small olives and micro-caddis (22-24 or smaller), a few Iso's were seen coming off the water in the riffles and run above the hole (about a size 14, less of a mahogany and more light brownish in color). also there were a number of sulfur spinners dancing above the water (about a size 16) and as dusk approached their # easily tripled or quadrupled.

There were also a number of stonefly shucks on the rocks, tho i didn't see any flying around - nor did I bother nymphing as the action was productive enough on the surface.... though I did manager to bring a stonefly home with me in my truck (he's probably pretty lonely in my back yard now) :)

The Fishing:

Arrive around 6PM. kept an eye on the water as I geared up and saw only a few sporadic rolling and sipping rises along a seam on the far side in the powderhole itself. Wanted to start upstream and work my way down to be in the hole around dusk so I threw on a 14 slate drake CDC parachute to fish through the pocket water and riffles upstream. Caught 3 smallmouth (about 5-8 inch range - tho all were typically feisty) and 2 small browns (about 8 inches each). They had some decent color starting but were certainly stocked fish.

Worked my way down to the powderhole itself and threw on a 16 rusty spinner and had a blast fishing to the sipping fish in the seam through the center of the hole and along the seam against the far bank where I saw the rises earlier. Caught 2 more brown and 2 rainbow... again all in the 8-10 inch range. and also failed to hook up on about 3-4 more fish to boot (was chatting with another angler who was sharing the hole).... also caught a few chubs-but they don't count unless I can't fool a salmonid or bass, hehe :)

Overall it was worth the trip. again, a heavily fished spot but ridiculously easy access from vehicle to streamside. I was impressed with the # of bugs on the water for this time of year and the # of fish that were still susceptible to falling for a chicken feather (OK, a duck feather - I'm a CDC guy afterall) especially in such a heavily fished location.

Think this fall holds the promise for some excellent fishing on the Lehigh!

Posted on: 2013/9/10 11:56

Edited by JackM on 2013/9/11 7:12:28

Re: Lehigh River 9/7 Carbon County

2013/9/10 10:21
From Mountain Top
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Thanks guys! Appreciate the feedback - is it possible to edit once there are replies??

Posted on: 2013/9/10 16:51

Re: Lehigh River 9/7 Carbon County

2011/5/3 12:22
From Morgantown, PA
Posts: 512
You can usually edit a post for a fixed amount of time after you enter it...maybe an hour or so? Mods can probably confirm that. In any case, no need to edit fits the exact mold for the purpose of the Stream Report section.

The mods generally don't tolerate talk or even implied talk of spot burning in the Stream Report forum, so my guess is you may see chrome's posts removed shortly.

Posted on: 2013/9/10 17:40

Edited by Fishidiot on 2013/9/10 18:41:46

Re: Lehigh River 9/7 Carbon County
2006/9/9 17:32
From Gettysburg
Posts: 439
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Dave W

Posted on: 2013/9/10 18:43

Re: Lehigh River 9/7 Carbon County

2006/9/9 22:44
Posts: 35
Nice report. I think it is pretty cool that you got into fish up by the dam, and I also know of people recently catching trout down near the Gap and below. That is easily 40+ miles of trout water! Impressive! Is there a longer trout water IN PA? Pine?

Posted on: 2013/9/10 19:23

Re: Lehigh River 9/7 Carbon County

2013/9/10 10:21
From Mountain Top
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Not sure about what waterways can compete w the lehigh for sheer length of fishable trout water, but certainly Pine is close if not longer? There are also many miles of excellent upper Lehigh fishing above the dam too! In fact that's one of my favorite fall fishing destinations for some truly beautiful browns.

The Lehigh is just a wonderful river anyway ya look at it -fair warning tho: like the Yough in Western Pa, the wading can be rather difficult and treacherous as the bottom is basically slime covered bowling balls in most places. A wading staff is a must on this river....

Since the Francis Walter Dam expanded they can keep more water and do more releases, turning it into a fantastic tail water fishery. There are far more hold overs year after year than I recall 13+ years ago when I started FFing - and the bug-life has grown exponentially. Though there are several small brookie streams closer to me, and a few freestones that are stocked w rainbows and browns, I have always considered the Lehigh my home waters....

There are also tons of cold springs and lots of spring fed freestone tribs along it's route that help tremendously.....

White Water rafting is still the bread and butter of White Haven tourism in spring and summer so the releases are still geared more towards that sport - but it HAS improved and I suspect will continue to. if they would time their releases with fishing tourism in mind then the possibilities. well, it makes me salivate just to think of it! Most of the fish I catch are small - but there are some lunkers to be had for sure! there are also some decent pools that have more of a gravel bottom and are wide enough or lack the tree cover along the banks to make for some amazing late night fishing for big cannibalistic browns (mouse patterns, big stimulators and streamers/buggers on a moonless night at 2AM is a blast!).... it's also a truly beautiful river scenically, of course, with tons of wildlife. Didn't include it in the stream report but I saw a pair of beavers, a bald eagle, a blue heron and about 1/2 dozen turkeys while fishing... and a couple of piles of bear scat in a bedding area below the high water mark (looked pretty recent to me) I <3 the Lehigh River :)

Posted on: 2013/9/10 20:34

Re: Lehigh River 9/7 Carbon County

2008/8/24 20:26
From Mount Joy, PA
Posts: 127

bwospinner wrote:
The Lehigh is just a wonderful river anyway ya look at it -fair warning tho: like the Yough in Western Pa, the wading can be rather difficult and treacherous as the bottom is basically slime covered bowling balls in most places. A wading staff is a must on this river....

Truer words have never been spoken. It ain't yer local freestoner!

Posted on: 2013/9/11 9:35

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