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bass rise

2008/1/3 20:52
From York, PA
Posts: 22
I have been ffing for a couple years and am starting to get into some warm water activity. After fishing mostly for trout, I am a little unsure of the actions of bass that I would like to make my target. I know streamers work great and poppers for top strikes, but will bass react to a hatch like trout do with a sudden start and stop of rising to top water bugs?

I know bass like terrestrials more too, is there a time when fishing them will be more productive (of day, of the year)?

Thanks for any help in advance.

Posted on: 2009/6/21 11:41

Re: bass rise

2006/9/10 21:53
From Greensburg, PA
Posts: 920
I see smallies do it all the time...largemouth will also but I have not seen it as often. Whenever the bugs are on the water...just like hoppers for trout.

Posted on: 2009/6/21 12:08

Re: bass rise

2007/4/25 10:02
Posts: 837
I found this post helpful last year. There was another too but could not find it. ... t_id=45072#forumpost45072

Smallmouth fishing is pretty cool and for people in warm water area like SWPA- you dont have to travel do get into some good water.

Posted on: 2009/6/21 12:45
I flyfish because I enjoy it.

Re: bass rise
2006/9/9 17:32
From Gettysburg
Posts: 439
A big component to consider is whether you will be fishing rivers or lakes. I much prefer rivers/creeks for FFing for bass. For one thing, being able to see fish (just like trout fishing) matters a lot with bass success and most of our state's bass rivers are shallow - and get shallower during the summer months with bass dispersing throughout the shallow runs and riffles. Lakes, by contrast, will see bass much deeper during the warmer months. You certainly can have a blast bass fishing with a fly rod in lakes in the summer but you will be spending a lot of time chasing largemouths in the very early morning and evening and around a lot of rooted vegetation which will require somewhat heavier fly gear. Obviously, there are exceptions to this but you will find this often the case. If you lack a boat, lakes get even tougher to fish.
As for feeding, yes, bass will rise to hatches but in my experience they are much less predictable than trout in this activity. River smallies will do this more than bass in lakes. However, I will admit to being confounded by surface feeding bass - I really don't know why they do it on some days and not on others. I have seen blizzard like white fly hatches on bass rivers and not a single fish rising. I have even seen days when catfish were rising but no bass. Also, when bass do rise, it is often the smaller fish (along with fallfish). Anyway, when you do hit a day with rising bass, you'll have a blast and count your blessings as it may be awhile before you see it again.
Don't discount high stick nymphing for bass in rivers/streams. Use a basic trout style nymph, maybe a bit larger, and fish it dead drift. I have had some very good days for both largemouth and smallmouth bass nymph fishing.

Good luck.

Posted on: 2009/6/21 19:18

Re: bass rise

2009/5/8 23:25
Posts: 15
Like Fishidiot said, get in the broken water, especially in bigger rivers like the Susky. The oxygenated water allows fish to feed when you may expect them to be lethargic. For numbers, I find dawn to be the best time, but for size, I find dusk preferable.

Posted on: 2009/6/21 21:42

Re: bass rise

2009/6/11 15:17
From Butler, PA
Posts: 0
I would say the biggest issue would be size of the fly and presentation as in comparing a trout to a bass.

A smaller fly may get overlooked by a sizeable bass.

I personally feel that trout are wired a little differently.

When I am bass fishing I feel like I am trying to provoke an attack more so than create the perfect drift like with a trout.

You may catch some fish if you match the hatch. If you providing something that is naturally there you will good chance of catching something.

I am more of a popper/streamer for bass.

Might be a cool challenge.

Posted on: 2009/6/24 17:33

Re: bass rise

2007/1/2 11:55
From Bozeman
Posts: 53
I have "matched the hatch" a few times for bass. Every time, I either saw them keying on something, or they puked their most recent meal up on me. It seems that they feed so voraciously when they are keyed, that they don't take time to swallow before eating again.

Head out with some tadpole imitations when they are about to sprout some legs. The fish go nuts for them.

Posted on: 2009/6/24 17:41

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