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Re: What is the best bass fly rod

2012/1/13 15:28
From Ferguson Twp.
Posts: 20
I too would have touted a nine foot seven weight, two weeks ago. Then I fished a ten foot seven weight, there's quite a difference from nine to ten feet. More than I thought there would have been, much for the better. It was much easier to mend, control, and abiltiy to keep line out of those nasty conflicting currents.

Posted on: 2013/3/5 20:16
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Re: What is the best bass fly rod

2006/9/11 11:30
Posts: 130
For largemouth I am usually casting big deer hair bugs and prefer a 9' 8 wt and have even gone to a 9 wt in the wind. Big bugs, especially after they have soaked up some water, cast easier with a heavier line. I prefer a 10' rod for steelhead for mending and control, but they are a little long to me for punching out accurate casts to holes in the weedbeds - like a 9' better for that.

For streamer fishing I have gone down to a 6 wt. But then again, my favorite bass fishing is wading the shallows in June and casting deer hair bugs and a heavier rod helps with that.

Posted on: 2013/3/6 8:33

Re: What is the best bass fly rod

2006/11/2 8:50
Posts: 1002

flipnfly wrote:
sage makes a bass specific rod for tournaments which is only 7'7"

What is their argument for using such a short fly rod for bass fishing?

Posted on: 2013/3/6 8:36

Re: What is the best bass fly rod

2013/3/1 8:29
From West Chester
Posts: 50
Troutbert, The rod is 7'7 because of tackle restrictions in bass tournaments not because it performs better. I think for most tournaments the maximum allowable rod length is 8 feet.

Posted on: 2013/3/6 9:15

Re: What is the best bass fly rod

2011/8/25 14:57
Posts: 15
I have used the Ross Flystick in the past and I recently picked up the Bass II rod from Sage. I like the Sage rod and the short length comes in handy, especially from the yak. I picked up the Smallmouth model and the line's grain weight puts it right between 10-11wt standard so it can throw the heaviest and most wind resistant flies.

I prefer to use a 9ft 8wt for most of my smallmouth fishing.
There are some locations where I wade very deep and a 10 or 11ft works better.

Posted on: 2013/3/7 13:30

Re: What is the best bass fly rod

2010/12/29 14:42
From South Eastern PA
Posts: 11
Thank you for the tips

Posted on: 2013/3/7 19:12
I could not live with out trout and fly fishing

Re: What is the best bass fly rod

2010/9/21 15:47
From Coudersport
Posts: 0
I like to fish top water with poppers for bass, i've been using an 8'6" 5 wt. but feel the line is to light is a 7wt the next logical wt. to buy?

Posted on: 2013/4/5 21:47
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Re: What is the best bass fly rod

2007/3/28 11:30
From Annville, Pa
Posts: 19
9'8wt hands down. That way you can cast size 2 poppers, into heavy wind, and pull a big fish out of cover. And cast distance. Lighter rigs will work but they limit you on what you can do.

Posted on: 2013/4/25 15:58

Re: What is the best bass fly rod

2012/10/2 8:32
From pgh
Posts: 21
jkilroy nailed it. another vote for 9' 8wt. covers you for pretty much any largies, smallies, wipers, pike, carp, etc. Plus if you go on vacation and wanna have a go at redfish, bones, bluefish, stripers, snook, etc. you are still covered. By far my most used rod.

Posted on: 2013/4/30 12:27

Re: What is the best bass fly rod

2010/1/7 0:41
Posts: 36
Doesn't surprise anyone. I use a 10wt for pond bass. Why work to throw oversize wind pushing bass bugs. When with a 10 ya can pick up and put down with 1 back cast. Plus the stuff I throw is big 3 & 4 ot singles.

Posted on: 2013/4/30 17:28
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Re: What is the best bass fly rod

2010/4/17 8:10
From Ransom, Pennsylvania
Posts: 2
Generally, for me it's a fast-action 9' 8-weight, it will cover all the bases well from nymphing for smallies to punching big deerhair poppers into the wind to dragging bottom with crayfish flies.

But I'm a bit of a gear freak, so I also own an 11' 7-weight switch rod for fishing bigger waters, like the North Branch of the Susky (the reason I bought it), an 8'6" 6-weight for chasing smallies in smaller streams, and once in a while I've been known to bust out the 9' 10-weight I use for the "big toothies" on particularly windy days, but not for long, those 10-weights really wear you out...

Posted on: 2013/5/8 6:32
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