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Re: Cat fishing
2006/9/9 19:16
From Dallastown, PA
Posts: 807

MattBoyer wrote:

JackM wrote:
I heard that called "jugging" and the term "trot line" was used often with this technique. I never heard it was illegal, but there may be a limit on the number of jugs allowed.

I think a trotline is a long rope with baited hooks every few feet that are left out overnight. Great if you are supplying for a restaurant, but sounds about as fun as gill netting. Jugging on the other hand is fun, although I've only ever done it for snapping turtles.



we used to jug for turtles at a buddies farm pond in SWPA. We'd drink beer and ride the cable swing on hot summer days while the four jugs would stay suspended in the shallow end of the pond. Really only a dozen feet from the cable we were riding. When the jugs would bob we'd git in the boat and paddle out to it and haul them into the john boat. Them bad boys are mean...we'd get four or five out of the pond every year and collect them in a half of a 55 gal drum or big garbage can. We'd let the kids poke sticks at them and they hammer the stick and hold on...It was a real hoot.

We had a video of it once...All I remember from the video was the screaming of the girlfriends.

Posted on: 2008/7/3 22:08
Don't hit me with them negative waves so early in the morning. Think the bridge will be there and it will be there. It's a mother, beautiful bridge, and it's gonna be there. Ok?

Re: Cat fishing

2006/9/10 16:07
From Pine Grove
Posts: 34

We had a video of it once...All I remember from the video was the screaming of the girlfriends.

I'll never forget the time when we got a monster that had to be pushing 60-70 pounds. We didn't know what to do with it so we took it to my parent's house and put it in the fenced in yard. Well needless to say, being 12 year olds on a hot summer day, we found something else to do and forgot about the turtle. Actually, we remembered about the turtle, but we forgot that my mom didn't know it was there. As it turns out, she was hanging out wash when she got home from work and something fell off the line. I just wish I had been there to see the look on her face when she went down in the yard to pick it up. She laughs about it now, but was not the least bit amused when it happened. Now all I can think is what's my kid gonna do to us?


Posted on: 2008/7/4 12:26

Re: Cat fishing

2008/5/7 10:57
From germantown
Posts: 0
i caught a huge channel catmixed in with the smallies on thurs fishing the skuke on thursday!! he grabbed a chart/ white clouser and actually tried to run with it!!! got a pic but need to wait till the disposable is full to post it

Posted on: 2008/7/6 0:08

Re: Cat fishing

2008/2/18 10:20
Posts: 4

Try leaving chicken livers out in the sun for an afternoon before you go out in the evening. This really works if you can get past the smell. I have a couple of friends that dry heaved when I did it. But we caught a lot of catfish!!!!

Posted on: 2008/7/8 15:09
Those who have no vices usually have some really annoying virtues!

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