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Bass Fly Rod

2007/3/26 11:53
Posts: 0
I'm thinking about buying a new rod to try out fly fishing for bass but really have no idea what line weight and rod lengths are typical. What would be a good all round setup for warm water fly fishing? Thanks.

Posted on: 2009/7/7 10:09

Re: Bass Fly Rod

2006/9/10 11:16
From Harrisburg PA
Posts: 23
9' 7 or 8 weight with a floating line, I like the "bass taper/ Clouser" line as they have short heavy heads to turn over large flies.

Posted on: 2009/7/7 10:17

Re: Bass Fly Rod

2008/9/12 12:41
Posts: 1
There are lots of possibilities and it all depends on the water you will be fishing.

If you’re getting something as a “knock around” rod for heading down to the local pond/river and tossing smaller poppers/streamers in waters where you’ll catch predominately panfish and smaller bass (2lb and under), I’d seriously consider a 6 weight, 9 foot rod.

If you intend to fish waters where you will be specifically targeting bigger bass/pike/musky and will have the need to be toss bigger wind resistant poppers/streamers and heavier Clouser-type streamers, you’re moving into 7 weight and maybe even 8 weight territory.

I have a 9 foot, 8 weight Temple Fork TiCr rod with a Ross CLA 4 reel. I bought it as a dual-purpose knock around heavy fresh/light saltwater rod and any smallie under 2lbs just feels like a minnow. If I were to do it again I personally would get a 7 weight just because the 8 weight is too powerful for where I fish. (The river is maybe 70 feet wide, average smallie in the 1-2 lb range with the occasional 4-5 pounder).

You may seriously want to give consideration to the Sage Smallmouth or Largemouth model rods. They are short (under 8 feet) and come with a special heavy weight forward line (about an 11 weight) that quickly tapers to a thin running line. Although I do not own one I have cast/used both the Smallmouth and Largemouth rods several times and both really turn over big flies effortlessly. Several people I know have them and swear by them. Sage also makes the same rod in a lighter duty Panfish model. The Largemouth rod is heavy duty and it would be best suited for targeting large fish. For a knock around rod the Panfish or Smallmouth model would probably be a better choice.

Before you buy one seriously think about the type of water and kind/size of fish you will be catching most of the time.

Posted on: 2009/7/7 10:53

Re: Bass Fly Rod
2006/9/9 17:32
From Gettysburg
Posts: 439
I'll second GreenWeenie's advice. My go-to fly rod for warm water (primarily smallies in creeks and rivers) is a medium action 9' for a 7WT line. Load it with a basic, entry level WF floating line and spool your reel with 20lB backing. Some of the custom bass taper lines are excellent but since you're looking to "try out" bass fishing I wouldn't recommend the extra cost of these lines at this point in your fly fishing experimentation (although I'll hazzard a prediction that you're gonna love bass ).

Posted on: 2009/7/7 11:00

Re: Bass Fly Rod

2007/7/26 7:29
From Westmoreland Co
Posts: 3
I agree with the mean green ween and FI that an 8wt, although handy for really heavy flies, is a bit too much for smallies. I have a 9ft 7wt that I use for both smallies and steelhead in the fall that works very well for both. Could also be used for very light salt (though I don't) or for large rivers with heavy trout. You'll appreciate the backbone the 7 has over a 6. I know I do for some very heavy crayfish imitations I pitch frequently for smallies.

I would also suggest checking out the TFO Clouser rods but as always cast a bunch and choose the one you like best.

Posted on: 2009/7/7 12:47
Salt & Light.

Re: Bass Fly Rod

2006/9/12 0:23
Posts: 8
it depends on what kind of flies you're going to use and type water, ore that the size fish caught. big popping bugs or double bunny type flies or if fishing weeds and pads would be better on an 8 or 9 wt rod. small poppers like a sneaky pete or regular streamers ar good on a 6 or 7 wt. for line you want bug or rocket taper floating line.

Posted on: 2009/7/7 16:10

Re: Bass Fly Rod

2007/3/26 11:53
Posts: 0
Thanks for the help guys.

Posted on: 2009/7/8 16:06

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