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Re: 2010 Susky YOY Study

2008/8/2 14:42
From Hershey, PA
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I wish the PFBC would have posted Dr. Blazer's presentation online. The information she had was crazy.
The USGS had done studies on some parts of the Potomac and Shenandoah rivers where almost 100% of the fish were inter-sexed. The the Susquehanna tests are starting to show a trend in the same direction.
High concentrations of Atrazine and High percentages of inter-sexed fish.

Every fish in the Susquehanna River needs to treated as a precious resource. Should we stop fishing? Absolutely not, but we should start to do what we can to keep what we do catch alive.

NO metal boxes AKA, ironically, Live-Wells, and NO dinner plates.

I may or may not deep hook and fish and kill it by practicing catch and immediate release. But I'm certainly not going to kill as many as a tournament angler or a catch and keep angler does over the same period.

It's crazy to me that so many people can't look at all of the available information and see what needs to be done.

Posted on: 2010/8/27 21:58

Re: 2010 Susky YOY Study
2006/9/9 17:32
From Gettysburg
Posts: 439

CPR wrote:

I went to the last meeting and heard Dr.Blazer's presentation. It seems to me that they (DEP, USGS, SRBC) know what the pollution is, where it's coming from, and how to fix, but they just do not have the political backing to do anything about it.

While I share your desire to see the lower Susky changed to C&R regs - I too attended Dr Blazer's presentation and would respectfully disagree with your conclusion. The link between intersex phenomena in Susky bass has not been put forth as the cause of the decline of the bass populations in the lower Susky (although this is being investigated). You seem to imply that, were there political backing, that the river could be cleaned up, the intersex abnormalities eradicated, and the problem solved. While this might be possible, it doesn't guarantee the return of world class bass fishing on the lower Susky. The fact of the matter is, the discovery of intersex bass MAY not be a new problem - after all, atrazine and Prozac have been around for years. Dr Blazer was clear that the chemicals were not tested in fish tissue in the past and that only recently have intersex conditions been discovered in Mid Atlantic riverine SMB pops (2003). Since the discovery of intersex, there have been two very good spawns in the Potomac River. The 2007 spawn was a record. While common intuition would hold that intersex abnormalities would affect spawning - this does NOT appear to be the case in most of the waterways where this problem has been documented. At least not yet. For all we know, these intersex abnormalities may have been in bass for years. If I had to hazard a prediction, I'd bet that with further research intersex abnormalities will continue to be found in many more SMB pops in this part of the country including in many rivers with excellent bass fishing, like the Potomac.

Posted on: 2010/8/27 23:06

Re: 2010 Susky YOY Study

2008/8/2 14:42
From Hershey, PA
Posts: 0
I believe I read somewhere that the intersexed fish can reproduce but there has not been studies done as to the effectiveness of their effort.

I apologize if it seemed that I was implying that atrazine and other chemical pollutants were the only problem with the river. Certainly mother nature herself has been just as cruel. The persistent drought/flood cycle we went through in the early to mid 2000's were just as damaging to the spawn.

When you add it all up, pollution, unfortunate/untimely weather events, excessive fishing pressure, and poor management you get the perfect storm.

I suspect that with the proper political backing the DEP would be in a better position to deal with the pollution issue. One of the most powerful lobbies in the Commonwealth is agriculture. Who is the biggest benefactor of chemicals such as Atrazine? Agriculture.

It's a tough situation and it's a shame that my children will not be allowed to know the Susquehanna river as I did growing up.

Posted on: 2010/8/27 23:42

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