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Sunglasses anyone

2011/7/6 13:48
From Philadelphia PA
Posts: 2075
What's the recommendation on Sunglasses? since I wear reg glasses I have to get the ones the go on over them. Purchased them at Cabalas...However still can't make out the fishes shadow until I'm right on top of them. They are polarized with UV protection.

Posted on: 2012/12/19 10:37
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Re: Sunglasses anyone

2011/5/3 12:22
From Morgantown, PA
Posts: 2131
I inevitably break or lose my sunglasses, so I'm done spending much more than $50 on them. I always thought Native was a good bang for your buck brand...they're often on Sierra Trading Post in the $60-$80 range. I'm probably done spending even that much now though as I've gone through a pair a year for the last several years...Cheapos from the rack at Cabelas for me.

The real high end ones do offer better performance the difference worth paying for?...that's up to the buyer to decide. If I didn't have such a poor track history with them, I'd considering popping for a $200 pair of Oakleys or Ray Bans.

Polarized lenses will remove some of the glare from the water's surface (better ones will remove more of the glare). Depending on conditions, this doesn't always necessarily make the fish much easier to see. Depends on the stream bottom, water clarity, etc.

Posted on: 2012/12/19 10:46

Re: Sunglasses anyone

2011/3/31 12:18
From Clearfield
Posts: 2402
This is what I use. I tried on Costa Del Mar, Oakley, and others. These were what I found to be the best (for me). I love them. Went with the brown lens.

Posted on: 2012/12/19 11:18

Re: Sunglasses anyone

2006/9/10 11:16
From Harrisburg PA
Posts: 635
I wear Native & Smith Action Optics. Polarized brown/copper lenses have given me the best results for sptting trout. Polarized black has worked best for me in still & salt water.

Posted on: 2012/12/19 12:37
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Re: Sunglasses anyone

2010/6/19 16:43
From Clinton County, Pa.
Posts: 2005
I have to wear prescription glasses all the time. When I get my new glasses I make sure that I get a pair with matching polarized sunglasses. Most are gray lenses which work fine for me.

Posted on: 2012/12/19 12:48
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Re: Sunglasses anyone

2012/1/9 19:50
From Etters,Pa
Posts: 722
I use Oakley's and love them. I have 6 pair 2 of them are just for fishing. What's nice about Oakley's is they are virtually indestructible. If you sit on them and they fall apart just snap them back together. In the event you scratch the lenses to the point of being annoying just snap out the lenses and snap in a new ones. Replacement polaroid lense run from $45-$120.

Posted on: 2012/12/19 13:06

Re: Sunglasses anyone

2012/5/24 10:46
From Philadelphia, PA
Posts: 16

Revo Guide: stylish and sporty. A little pricey but they are the best glasses I have used and I have worn plenty of brands.

Posted on: 2012/12/19 14:28

Re: Sunglasses anyone

2011/3/7 13:04
From Christiana, Delaware
Posts: 353
I have to wear prescription glasses. I've tried many different ones where you clip them over your regular glasses, I even had a set from cabelas like you probably bought. I could never find a set that would work good enough for fishing. It's like the space between the regular glasses and the clip ons was interfereing somehow. That's how it was for me, but everyone is different.

So I ended up getting a perscription pair of sunglasses that are polarized etc and they work very good. I have titanium frames also because being around water all the time. this will prevent rust.

The only problem is the cost was very high even with insurance.

Posted on: 2012/12/19 14:43

Re: Sunglasses anyone

2011/3/2 13:43
From Gamehendge
Posts: 957
I belive religiously in costa del mar. But you really gotta find what fits your style an areas that you fish.

Posted on: 2012/12/19 22:29
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Re: Sunglasses anyone

2009/4/26 12:29
From Lancaster, PA
Posts: 146
I'm a fan of the Oakley Half-Jackets, been wearing them for over 6 years. I have the VR28 polarized lenses - more of a brownish/yellow type lens. Also just got a set of Black Iridium Polarized. These are great for seeing fish & hold up well. I have not yet had the black iridium lens on the water, but hope to do so soon. They have a great price point & it's easy to get different sets of lens for different conditions, but the VR28 are an all around good lens.

Posted on: 2012/12/20 1:18

Re: Sunglasses anyone

2010/7/24 12:59
From Morrisville
Posts: 227
Dont forget many of these bigger name brands can put Rx lenses in certain frames for you. I wear glasses and have dropped the money for several years now on quality Rx sun glasses. Not only does it help see fish but helps protect your eyes.

Posted on: 2012/12/20 15:18

Re: Sunglasses anyone

2008/1/31 17:19
From Pretty much everywhere at some point, Thorndale today.
Posts: 14581
I can be counted on to break a pair a year. $30ish off the rack for me.

Posted on: 2012/12/20 20:07

Re: Sunglasses anyone

2012/1/11 15:43
From Bucks County
Posts: 158
I have a pair of Maui Jim's and when I put them on it's like someone turned on a light under the water, it's amazing.

Higher end price tag, so there is always the fear of losing them. I just use one of those straps that hold the sunglasses around your neck.

Posted on: 2012/12/21 15:10

Re: Sunglasses anyone

2012/10/25 19:15
Posts: 27
If you want the best, Oakley polarized lenses are the best at cutting through the glare, IMO. Try and pick a pair that is not to dark. Actually, the lighter the better, otherwise in the shade or on cloudy days you will not see a thing. I'm recently bought a quality pair of Smith's and they are not even close to the Oakley's performance. I still wear my older scratched Oakleys for fishing...

Posted on: 2012/12/22 13:00

Re: Sunglasses anyone

2006/10/2 10:08
From Westmoreland County (near fairgrounds)
Posts: 3755
I just got a pair of prescription polarized glasses for Christmas. Haven't had the chance to fish them yet, but my buddy Andrew swears by these glasses. Mine look great out of the box right now. They were only about $125 delivered when I ordered them at the end of November.

Link to Guideline Rx Sunglasses

I got the Tidal model.

Posted on: 2012/12/25 20:39
Resized Image
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