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Re: Still Water Fishing for Trout

2009/12/28 0:03
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Hi Golden, Fly fishing small still waters can be a great task for even the most experienced anglers. I'm going to share 3 top tips to fishing small still waters. Hopefully these few tips will help you increase your catch rate and have you catching fish even on the toughest of days. So lets begin! Tip One: Select the right equipment. (Always use the lightest gear possible when fishing) Tip Two: Move around. One mistake I see an awful lot is when an angler fishes a spot too long and some times all day. Every 20 minuets you should move, even only a few feet. First cover the water from left to right and start with short casts. After completing a movement of casting left to right start again with a longer cast. Also vary the depth your fishing the fly and the speed you are retrieving it. Then, move. Start the same technique as above and when finished move again. The only time I would recommend not moving is when your catching fish constantly in the one area. Tip Three: Get some local knowledge! Knowing the water you are fishing is important. Locals will tell you what flies work well or where the best spot to fish is. If you don't get to talk to some local anglers then before you fish take a few minuets to just walk around the area your going to fish. Take note of over hanging vegetation, underwater features if you can see them and most of all signs of fish. Cheers.

Posted on: 2009/12/28 4:39
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Re: Still Water Fishing for Trout

2010/1/6 5:02
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Because the water is still pretty warm, you still need to get fairly deep to reach the actively feeding fish, and since you will be using floating line, I would recommend using a bead headed nymph with a long tippet, or leader ( I like fluorocarbon ), maybe 6 or 8 feet, as this leader length will basically determine the depth at which you will be fishing. The beads on the fly will help to get it down to that regulated depth, and then you can adjust it accordingly. Try a Gold Ribbed Hares ear or maybe a Royal Coachman wet fly, whatever will sink fairly well. In a perfect world, you would know what is currently hatching in the area and would have a handfull of these flys ready for deployment, maybe you can research it and be as prepared as possible. I would leave the spinners to the spinning gear, as you will only cause yourself grief trying to throw a spinner with fly line.

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Posted on: 2010/1/20 7:21
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Re: Still Water Fishing for Trout

2009/6/21 20:48
From West Chester, PA
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Aaaahhhh.....Stillwater. How I miss it (used to fish Strawberry Res in Utah every weekend during the fall. The average Cutt & Bow there is 20" and 30+ fish days are pretty common).

For still water casting in clear water to spooky trout, the roll cast is the way to go. If you are in a pontoon, you can cast behind you, and use the water tension to hurl your fly forward to the fish.

In terms of flies, I like them all. I'm a fan of all of Kelly Galloup's stuff. Charlie Craven has some pretty good stuff - I once had a 40 fish day fishing a natural slumpbuster to Tiger Trout.

But my favorite stillwater fly is a tungsten beadhead olive-body bugger with orange schlappen for the hackle. Not too big though. This has been my single-most productive stillwater fly anywhere I fish. There's something about the olive/orange combo that drive stillwater trout crazy.

I would give a finger or two for a stillwater like Strawberry here in PA.

Posted on: 2010/1/21 16:18

Re: Still Water Fishing for Trout

2008/3/20 22:15
Posts: 12
So I take it that you don't enjoy stillwater? LOL!

This may seem simplistic but that best that I can gather is if you reach the fish at a certain depth they have a circle pattern. You just need to figure out where it is and the time it will be when they are feeding.

So what do you have to fill in the gaps?

Very curious!

Very interesting topic.

Posted on: 2010/1/23 17:19

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