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New fishing place, or just in need of a fly fishing friend?

2010/7/4 21:10
Posts: 4
Just went out to a local, half decent stream and had very little success. Sure, I just started last year, but I just assumed I'd pick it up very quickly since I'm a great spin-fisherman. The two streams I went to were the Perkiomen Creek and the East Branch of the Perkiomen Creek. They weren't stocked recently, so I'm sure my chances were low of landing a big trout, but I didn't even manage to catch a bluegill or anything! Is this natural to go from big success for spin fishing to a sluggish start for fly fishing? Only a select few buddies of mine at my high school fly fish, but none will come out with me (probably because they're even worse than me!). So maybe I just need a mentor to show me the "secrets" of fly fishing, or just need to keep being persistant and doin' what I'm doin' and just hope everything works out to make me the "Ultimate Fly Fisherman".

Any advice?


Posted on: 2011/4/3 14:29

Re: New fishing place, or just in need of a fly fishing friend?

2006/9/11 15:10
From collegeville, pa
Posts: 70

1. If you know there are definitely fresh fish in those sections, chuck some buggers at them first, they can be swung, stripped or drifted. Then "dead drift" some egg patterns or nymphs like you were chucking corn. The key is "mending" your line. Make sure it goes the same speed as the bubble you see in the water. Also, put split shot on like you were bottom boucing with bait. not too much though and keep as much fly fline off the water as possible as it creates drag.

2. I'd take out any references to "great" in future posts. think of it as a life lesson.


Posted on: 2011/4/4 11:27

Re: New fishing place, or just in need of a fly fishing friend?

2008/12/16 10:37
Posts: 2
I would gladly fish the perk or WB perk with you any weekend. I"ll warn you I myself don't know any of the secrets of fly fishing. No one shares those, after all they are secrets. But I do catch just enough fish to keep me coming back for more.

If you REALLY wanna learn the WB Perk I suggest you contact the "god of the stream itself" Chaz. But I doubt he'll show ya shizz besides photobucket pics of how it "used to be."

Posted on: 2011/4/4 22:52
Hot and Dangerous if your one of us then roll with us.............

Re: New fishing place, or just in need of a fly fishing friend?

2007/4/5 16:03
From Altoona/Smoke Run
Posts: 0
Write a note on your fly telling them how great of a spin fisher you are, and that if they don't play nice, you will come back with your ugly stick and they're all in for it.

Seriously though. Use nymphs and buggers like you would drift a worm or salmon egg. When the drift ends, strip it in mimicking a real bug/baitfish. When you see them rising, try to see what they're eating and use the closest looking (size and color) that you have. Resume Awesomeness!

Posted on: 2011/4/8 10:58
No Single Drop Of Rain Feels It Is Responsible For The Flood.

Re: New fishing place, or just in need of a fly fishing friend?

2011/2/27 12:39
From Valley Forge, Pa
Posts: 1
Two words- Strike Indicator.
When you are trying to lern to nymph or egg use a strike indicator. keep moving it till you find the right depth. Your fly should be nicking the bottom every so often. If you are not seeing the indicator twitch or pause it is too low towards the nymph so move it up the line till you get some pauses. Start fishing up and a cross and the let the flies swing below you at the end. Strike when the indicator pauses. You will catch fish.
Good luck!

Posted on: 2011/4/10 6:48

Re: New fishing place, or just in need of a fly fishing friend?

2010/4/12 21:50
From Perkiomenville
Posts: 1
I agree with everything Farley said. I never had much luck until I found out how to use an indicator correctly. I do fish the streams you mention as well and wouldn't mind meeting up at some point but with getting married in less than 2 months, my schedule is pretty hectic. Goodluck!

Posted on: 2011/4/24 22:59
Giroux does it all....
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