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2013/3/24 14:18
From Berks county
Posts: 26
I am new here and I'm wondering if you can tie a loop to loop connection for your fly-line to your leader. Would this be strong enough for medium to large trout?

Posted on: 2013/3/24 17:19

Re: Knots

2007/10/17 10:49
From florida
Posts: 6936
Just one example of how to:


Posted on: 2013/3/25 8:20
"Being brilliant is no great feat if you respect nothing."
von Goethe

Re: Knots

2012/1/13 15:28
From Ferguson Twp.
Posts: 2845
That's a good link and loop.

Posted on: 2013/3/26 12:13
There is a need to fish, to be in the water. It soothes the soul...

Re: Knots

2009/4/1 21:52
From Johnstown, PA
Posts: 4448
It is a good link and loop but IMO there are better ways of doing it , probably , since it's GG has something to do with fishing in the salt. If you're freshwater fishing i'd learn a Nail knot and i'd check out the braided loops that fly shops sell. No offense GG but i think that loop would maake apretty big splash on some of the more "spooky" waters , probably wouldn't matter in the salt? Or does it?

Posted on: 2013/3/27 7:45

Re: Knots

2009/4/1 21:52
From Johnstown, PA
Posts: 4448
I'd probably put an eye out spinning the thread on anyhow , one eyed and one legged is not gonna work for me GG.

Posted on: 2013/3/27 8:00

Re: Knots

2013/3/7 9:02
From Boilingsprings
Posts: 169
I agree with osprey. You can use a nail knot with a piece of .022 mono and a loop on the end. I usually make it about 6 inches long. I have caught King salmon in Alaska with this set up as well as medium strippers and it works fine. Even for salt water fishing the fly line core is going to be stronger then the leader and tippet. Perhaps for off shore fishing the knot shown is needed but to bulky for the average freshwater angler. I think a nail knot is a little hard to do at first but with some practice it will come out fine 90% of the time.

Posted on: 2013/4/1 20:27
Tony Dranzo

Re: Knots

2013/1/27 10:24
From Sweet Valley
Posts: 247
Just get a nail knot tool. You will be able to tie a perfect nail knot in about 30 seconds and after you do it enough with the tool, you won't need it anymore.

Posted on: 2013/4/2 20:59

Re: Knots

2013/1/15 12:02
From Pipersville Pa.
Posts: 951
As far as tying a nail knot. I use a fly tying bobbin. It works just fine and you don't need another tool to do it. On smaller fly lines such as 4wt to 9 wt. I prefer to use a needle knot. Do a google search I am sure you will find it. A needle knot is just a modified nail knot. It's really not hard to do. I have been using this method for more years than I can count. Just add a pc. of heavy mono with a loop on the end, loop on leader and fish.

Just my 2cents


Posted on: 2013/4/3 10:48

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