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Re: Floatant -- how to apply and fishing dry flies

2008/10/5 10:59
Posts: 32
Thanks guys - for the info

I'll play with different solutions and let u know the results

Posted on: 2009/3/25 19:13

Re: Floatant -- how to apply and fishing dry flies

2008/11/4 15:20
From Upper Saucon, PA
Posts: 202
Funny how some of us are good at nymphing and others can run the field with dries. I learned dries first so that is what I always do best. Although in the dead of winter, here in the Lehigh Valley, I'll drag a self-tied San Juan under a big fluffy dry and trout kill the San Juan. I find nymphing a bit harder because I seem to lose control of it, whereas with the dry I have total control from start to finish. My guess for me, is the level of confidence. If I focus on nymphing and get that first tug, I then seem to be able to work on that fish until I have him. As we fish for steel head it's always something other than a dry and I do rather well of the Lake Erie tribs, but I seem to prefer dries back here in PA.

Posted on: 2009/3/31 12:47
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Re: Floatant -- how to apply and fishing dry flies

2008/9/12 12:41
Posts: 723
I generally apply a small amount of Gink to my fingers and rub my fingers together. I then lightly pinch and roll the hackle fibers between my finger. I may touch the body a little but the key with Gink is to not use too much. I then will blow on the hackle fibers to make sure they are separated and not stuck together. And don’t apply too much or you’ll sink the fly. And make sure you let the fly dry a minute or so. Do not use Gink on CDC feathers.

Then, I always dap the fly on the water in front of me several times to make sure I’m not getting any little oil ring around the fly. The fish will see this oil ring and ignore the fly. If get see a ring I simply keep dapping until the ring has been rinsed clean..

One the fly gets wet and starts to sink, I use the Loon shake stuff to dry it. It works well.

After catching a fish the fly gets loaded with fish slime. I put the fly between my fingers and dunk it and rub it to remove the fish slime. Then I put it in the Loon shake bottle and generally it’s as good as new. I then may reapply Gink.

I think the biggest key to successfully fishing dries so they float naturally is getting the correct tippet length (generally between 3 – 4 feet long). Too short a tippet and the fly will turn over completely and straighten the tippet with no slack (causing drag) and too long a tippet and the tippet will collapse around the fly (causing drag). Ideally the tippet should be long enough to turn the fly over and uncoil BUT fall to the water with slack. The slack will allow the fly to drift naturally. I generally start with a 4 foot tippet and make a test cast and clip it back from there, if needed.

Also, for tippet size follow the divide by 3 rule. Take the hook size (say #18) and divide by 3. The result is the tippet size (6x).

Posted on: 2009/3/31 16:00

Re: Floatant -- how to apply and fishing dry flies

2009/4/1 21:52
From Johnstown, PA
Posts: 4448
If you tie your own flies and use quality materials and techniques your dry flies should float awhile without any floatant my position on that came a number of years ago when i decided there are enough chemicals in our water that shouldn't be there why add more if we don't really need to.........however after the fly starts to get waterlogged or you catch a fish and it gets slimed up the shake powder will definately bring it back from the dead

Posted on: 2009/4/2 17:01
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Re: Floatant -- how to apply and fishing dry flies

2009/4/8 9:18
From Pittsburgh
Posts: 81
Anybody tried the new loon spray? i absolutely hate when my dry fly sinks........

Posted on: 2009/4/8 10:38
If you have to ask why, you wouldn't understand....asking how shows some insight to your intellect...

Re: Floatant -- how to apply and fishing dry flies

2009/4/10 19:10
From Tyrone Pa
Posts: 19
I LOVE all of ya'lls input on subjects like this. I actually have time to sit and read them, and I learn alot, along with shaking my head when I read a post and corrolate it to what might have just happened on the stream yesterday.
Just yesterday I had quite a few rises/refusals to my blue quill, and it's so agravating to see a nice fish do that. It was probably the micro drag you have been referring to, because I was mending well. I use muclin too, and try not to gunk up the fly.

Posted on: 2009/4/14 9:14

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