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Re: Fly tying book

2008/1/28 11:05
From Bethlehem
Posts: 0
I plan on getting as many books that I can afford...keeping in mind to save enough for all the stuff I need to start tying.

Posted on: 2008/12/11 16:43

Re: Fly tying book

2007/1/2 11:55
From Bozeman
Posts: 53
I found that I spent way too much money on books, and not nearly enough time scouring the web and spamming this forum with questions.

Don't break the bank unless you have to. Books are nice, but they are expensive.

I found the technical stuff here and on other websites, and spent the cash on gierach after a few years. Turns out that was a better option.

Posted on: 2008/12/11 18:18

Re: Fly tying book

2008/1/20 22:58
Posts: 2
I agree with that you shouldn't buy a lot of books and only buy the materials to tie the flies you use the most.

Start with a simple pattern or two then build from there. I started with CDC Caddis (a tully must), ants, Wooly Buggers then went from there. You'll waste less money on material you'll rarely use. Once you're hooked you can go crazy.

As was mentioned earlier "The Benchside Introduction to Fly Tying by Lesson and Schollmeyer" is a great book to start with. It's unique split layout allows you to continuosly view a pattern while flipping to the appropriate individual tying techniques. Between this book and online videos I had more than enough information to get me started. I rarely use the book now but it was great in the beginning. It explained the basics and from there I felt confident enough to ask intelligent questions from other tyers.

You can get most of the basic video instructions you need from online sources like youtube or tying sites. The rest you get from other tyers & forums. Nothing beats being shown by another tyer. Sometimes I just ask an employee at my local shop to show me a pattern then I buy the materials.

Good Luck!

Posted on: 2008/12/11 19:42

Re: Fly tying book
2006/9/11 8:26
From Chester County
Posts: 2883
The guys are right, spend most of your money on a decent vise, tools and materials. A single book and/or a DVD on the basics should suffice. The Internet has a lot of patterns and tutorials. I can't remember the last time I referenced fly tying book.

Posted on: 2008/12/11 21:14

Re: Fly tying book

2006/9/10 21:53
From Greensburg, PA
Posts: 922
Just saw this book on a trip to B&N...looks like a really good tying book, Good illustrations (photos) and the patterns are pretty good choices. I would recommend this for a beginner and even someone with some experience from what I was able to read in the 15 minutes I looked at it.

btw this price is 15 bucks less than B&N was.

Posted on: 2009/1/24 21:14

Re: Fly tying book

2006/10/26 23:01
From Ohio
Posts: 0
I've been tying for a year now. I will say it can be fustrating. I started out with a material kit and regret it, the materials are in general, bad. The difference beteen a crappy looking fly and a decent fly often comes down to materials.....decent materials and the right materials. Only experience or an experienced person can tell you and show you what to look for.....this is an area I'd definitely go to your local fly shop if that is an option.

Posted on: 2009/1/29 17:36

Re: Fly tying book

2009/1/3 13:51
Posts: 5
I just checked the Bethlehem (PA) Area Public Library Web site for its titles on Fly Tying and it has quite a few.
Before you buy, you might want to try.

But, as others have suggested - there is no video or book that can substitute for onsite guidance from an experienced human being.

Posted on: 2009/1/30 16:11

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