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Re: Dynamic Nymphing By George Daniel

2010/4/20 15:54
From Erie
Posts: 0
Got the book this week and have been thoroughly impressed with it. I think there is something for everyone and it completely encapsulates nymphing to a certain degree. If anything the leader formulas and fly/fly box pictures were worth the money. It is a book that I will refer to all of the time.

Posted on: 2012/1/17 12:04

Re: Dynamic Nymphing By George Daniel

2011/6/29 9:38
From Philadelphia
Posts: 5

streamer-stripper wrote:
It;s a good book - great photos. One problem I have with many of these books recently is: they pretty much all just take ideas that have been beat into the ground and change wording. Come on - "suspension device"... hasn't it just always been an indicator?? Kudos though to guys like him - they make it work and make a buck -that's really what it is all about. I think him and others would sell their favorite fishing spot for a price....

I took a different take on it. I agree it is an indicator but unless I'm missing his point, I believe he is just trying to separate the tight lining indicator which I think he calls a "sighter" from the floating indicator which to his purpose acts to suspends the fly at a certain depth. I have been nymphing fo years and most of this is nothing new but I think he approaches from a different angle. I certainly learned something.

Posted on: 2012/1/17 18:55

Re: Dynamic Nymphing By George Daniel

2006/11/20 10:08
Posts: 376
I just finished the Daniel book. I use some similar methods a lot of the time when I'm fishing nymphs, but he is certainly more thorough than I am. I think I could and should (but probably won't, since I'm pretty stuck in my ways) re-read this often and would glean much valuable information. I think this is a fine book, though like Jay L., I am not planning to buy many more how-to manuals. Even so, I think this is a good book with a lot of good info. The photography is also splendid.
[Of interest (well, to me anyhow) is that I worked on a couple of stream improvement projects when George D. was working summers with the PFBC. He was a good worker and was most certainly an unpretentious young man. He good-naturedly took some what I thought was kind of nasty teasing about his status on the ff team, too. I think he is a good rep for fly-fishing. I do wish he were working out of another fly shop, though, perhaps Flyfisher's, which TCO's move to within a half-mile of in State College seemed like a dirty move to me. Anyhow, I think GD is one of the good "young lions" in today's ff scene.]
To repeat: a good book.

Posted on: 2012/1/17 23:56

Re: Dynamic Nymphing By George Daniel

2009/10/11 21:04
From Southeastern Pa
Posts: 217
Met him today at our TU meeting and he was certainly one of the most approachable people I have met in FFing.

that said, I haven't finished the book, but after seeing his presentation and comparing it to my interpretation from the book I was glad to see that the book was pretty much straight forward about the techniques...or at least the ones I have read about so far.

It is interesting to note how little of a hesitation will trigger George to set. its very little, and depending on the situation the slightest hesitation in the line signals the set.

he stressed good positioning on the stream and really making sure the nymphs are getting into the "right" current and at the "right" level of the water column.

he also went over when long distance casts are appropriate and I was surprise to see the conditions in which he was executing this tactic.

all in all, this style of fishing appears to be very systematic and surgical. you can easily see that it has been developed from a competitive origin.

my 2cents:

when you hear about this technique you may be tempted to believe that it is revolutionary, or that it is necessary to learn or any of the other crazy thoughts that run through our minds when we see a "new" product or fly or tactic. Rest assured that this is not a "game changer," Fly period, will always be about what you make it.

a friend of mine once said that "all fishermen evolve, some further than others..." he went on to say that most fishermen start out wanting only to catch a fish (just a singular fish!), then they want to catch more fish, then bigger fish, then they want to catch the MOST fish, then the BIGGEST fish and finally, some people, after they have "done it all" they want to teach others and see the joy on someone else's face when they catch A fish. "And now you know...the rest of the story"-P.H.

Posted on: 2012/1/18 22:02
Invictus Maneo

Re: Dynamic Nymphing By George Daniel

2009/10/15 13:45
From Eastern PA
Posts: 37

rrt wrote:
I do wish he were working out of another fly shop, though, perhaps Flyfisher's, which TCO's move to within a half-mile of in State College seemed like a dirty move to me.

really? going to start that nonsense?

I am looking forward to reading Georges book. It's great to see the quality of both the writing and the content really moving forward in fly fishing books.

Posted on: 2012/1/19 9:54

Re: Dynamic Nymphing By George Daniel

2009/2/13 17:00
From Jefferson Twp
Posts: 0
Im a big fan of the tippet rings but they are expensiveAnyone know a different source for these besides Feather-craft?

Tippet rings here.


P.S. - I, too, loved the book especially the detailed leader rigs & flies. A point of warning - GD speaks about how to construct curly-Qs - making them with about 12 turns, yet some of his photos clearly show way more than that. I spoke to him about that at the Somerset show. He acknowledged the mistake (photos & text done at different times) & reiterated the text description. He did offer this tip - take a long dowel & wrap as many turns as it will hold. When needed for fishing, peel off the number of turns desired & save the rest for another time. Good tip as storing premade curly-Qs will result in a tangled mess.

Posted on: 2012/1/31 10:23

Re: Dynamic Nymphing By George Daniel

2009/12/17 20:43
From Souderton PA
Posts: 0
If anyone is interested in hearing George speak about his book, he will be the guest on Ask about fly fishing tomorrow evening:

Posted on: 2012/2/1 0:15

Re: Dynamic Nymphing By George Daniel

2012/1/13 15:28
From Ferguson Twp.
Posts: 21

Twofly wrote:

Received my copy for Christmas. Great read, packed with tons of information. IMO one of the best flyfishing books to come along in a while.

Im a big fan of the tippet rings but they are expensive. Anyone know a different source for these besides Feather-craft?

They sell them at the TCO Shop in statecollege I think they were $5.00 and change. Just looked at the site trout_stalker has I noticed they are loose in the container the pack at TCO come on a holder that keeps them in place untill you tie on the leader. I'm not saying one is better than the other just now looking into them myself. At TCO you get ten and the holder,at the link above you get 20 for just a few $$ more but then you have shipping. I don't know six in one hand half dozen in the other I guess.

Posted on: 2012/2/13 19:39

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