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Death, Taxes and Leaky waders

2008/10/25 14:19
From York County
Posts: 144
I read Trout Bum and liked it, so I picked up another John Geriech book. Death taxes and leaky waders is a compilation of all of his works, each chapter having several stories from one of his books. I like that each story is only fifteen pages or so. It is hard for me to find time to read more than one or two stories with 3 kids.

Some of his writings are comical and easy to relate to. Occassionally he adds too much detail and seems to be rambling but some of his stuff is concise and not overly verbose.

I find a lot of good laughs in his books. Well written stories that you can read more than once.

Posted on: 2010/2/25 13:41
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Re: Death, Taxes and Leaky waders

2006/11/20 10:08
Posts: 359
I really don't think you can go wrong with Gierach. He makes it enjoyable to "fish with him" on commonplace outings as well as on trips to "hallowed waters."

Posted on: 2010/2/26 16:42

Re: Death, Taxes and Leaky waders

2006/9/13 23:35
From SW PA
Posts: 23

Gierach is very good for the limited time you have. also try Dave Ames out, here's the two that I've read.

True Love and the Woolly Bugger

A Good Life Wasted: or Twenty Years as a Fishing Guide


Posted on: 2010/2/27 20:30
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Re: Death, Taxes and Leaky waders

2008/10/25 14:19
From York County
Posts: 144
I've seen those two books, never opened either of them though, maybe next time I go to Border's.

That place really gets me distracted, beetween fishing mags, photo mags, and all the books, I end up walking around with 50 bucks worth of reading material and have to go put some back.

I bought a fly tying book there last year, and the one time I leave my truck unlocked, later at Wal-mart, it gets stolen.

I just know the S.O.B. that grabbed the bag it was in, didn't look to see what it was and never lifted a flyrod in their life.

Posted on: 2010/2/28 11:35
~ Fly Fishing ~ Personal therapy on the water. Equipment and travel rates apply.

Re: Death, Taxes and Leaky waders

2009/1/11 23:54
From Pittsburgh
Posts: 135
I’m not the extensive fly fishing books reader but I’m well off reader indeed.

After my first fly fishing - 20 books I found my first John Gierach’s book and I simply glued to the thing.
Spent nights reading, occasionally multiple times and end up having his all books, including special editions and autographed ones.
I hooked up on his style, appreciate his twisted humor, intuitive opinions and remarkable life philosophy.
There is a loot of life’s reflection in his texts and many “how to fish the trout's pools”…observance insights also.
I found his writing appealing to me not only as a skillful guidance but also as the remarkable literature and poetry.

I have to admit; I do avoid books written like the manual to my vacuum cleaner, books with the titles as: “The Modern Fly fishing…” @ 1946 publishing…, “The Art of Fly Fishing…’ poorly designed, bad fonts, dilapidated fade away b/w photos with no artistic, informative or actual value .
My favor (or I should say the worst ones) are with naïve drawings of the creeks; pointing where the fish are!
the one look alike [i]‘making up’ guide and fisherman [/i] - standing in the water ; mile long tables created by Microsoft Office Excel data driven afficionados, monochromatic sketches of the flies patterns , looks like the 4 year old first drawing attempt .
I think the “Complete IDIOT’S GuideFly Fishing” is not that bad at all!

If you spare me a few titles of the bad ones I can spend more time fly fishing…and well…there are so many books to read.

JH: I have to try the Dave Ames volumes soon

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Posted on: 2010/3/11 18:30

Re: Death, Taxes and Leaky waders

2010/3/29 12:25
From NE PA
Posts: 0
I'm a big Gierach fan. I have read all but one or two of his books. As stated above, Ames is also an author to check out.

Posted on: 2010/4/3 8:15

Re: Death, Taxes and Leaky waders

2009/4/11 18:51
From State College
Posts: 7
Who ever it was who it was who sent me this book while I was in Afghanistan, I am eternally grateful.

It alleviated countless hours of boredom for me.

Thank You.

Posted on: 2014/3/2 0:57

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