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scotland calling

2006/9/12 17:30
From glasgow,scotland
Posts: 0
hi to all at p.a. and a big hello from scotland,a great site u have here and hopefully i will be fishing in p.a. next july as my partner will be at a conferance in villanova university and she has aske me along so my first reaction was can i fish there and by the looks of it i rekon there is good sport to be had.any info on fishing tactics times etc would be most appreciated.

i fish mainly on small rivers and lochs caught plenty of wee troot in stunning scenery,only took to fishing the fly last year so i am keen to learn and get out and give it a go.

thanks and tight lines.

silverbuthcher (aka trampas)

Posted on: 2006/9/12 18:07

Re: scotland calling

2006/9/9 16:33
Posts: 19
Well we don't have any troot, but a guy up the road from me plays the pipes . Its cool hearing them echo down through the woods.

Yes PA has great locations. Many people compare some of our limestone waters in the center part of the state to English chalk streams. If you come in July you will probably have to concentrate on these limestone streams due to water temps and flows.

Keep us posted, if you come out I am sure that a "delegation" could be assembeled to take you fishing.

Posted on: 2006/9/13 8:29

Re: scotland calling

2006/9/13 10:18
From LV
Posts: 523
Being a Scot myself and since I live in the Southeast PA region, I'd be glad to take you fishing and show you some of our great streams. There are plenty of them and I've fished maybe 50 of them. You can PM me and I'll send you more information. I was in Scotland in 2001 and wanted to fish, though I didn't that time. But I did make it to Skye and stayed at teh Macdonald B & B. The Lord of the Isles welcomed me home, which still brings tears to my eyes and told me I could fish anywhere on Macdonald Land that I wanted to. I'd say that's pretty generous.
Love that country and I hope to return soon and do some fishing.
Chaz Macdonald

Posted on: 2006/9/13 10:23

Re: scotland calling

2006/9/9 20:09
From Harrisburg
Posts: 22
Dear silverbutcher,

Something else you might want to consider is fishing for species of fish you cannot fish for in your home country of Scotland.

A buddy of mine took a fellow from England fishing one summer a couple of years ago. The man had a great time catching sunfish and smallmouth bass that he had no opportunity to fish for in England.

Many people here in the States take those fish for granted, but they can be a much more cooperative quarry to pursue during the heat of July and there are some good streams not far from Villanova where you can catch good sized bass and sunfish.

Another piece of advice is that you may want to check out the PA Fish Commission website,, and see if you can purchase your fishing license on-line prior to your trip. I know the service is available for folks here in the States who are visiting Pennsylvania, and it will save you the hassle of trying to find a store that has non-resident licenses. If international purchases are allowed all you need to do is just click on the header "Get Your License" in the upper right corner of the main banner and you can purchase your license and print it out on your home computer.

Tim Murphy

Posted on: 2006/9/13 12:19

Re: scotland calling

2006/9/12 17:30
From glasgow,scotland
Posts: 0
hi ryan.thanks for your reply it is informative and helpful,i am already looking forward to fishing in p.a. never fished chalk streams before,our lochs are mainly very peaty (whisky colour) but further north the y r limestone a lot more food in them so better fishing.i was hoping to camp for a few days on loch ossian near rannoch moor but heavy rain forcast so give it a miss,bit of a shame as our season here stops 16th oct hope to get out to fish nxt week pending weather conditions.

thanks again

tight lines


Posted on: 2006/9/17 17:26

Re: scotland calling

2006/9/12 17:30
From glasgow,scotland
Posts: 0
hi tim.

thanks for your info on permits etc,bass and sunfish sounds like good sport,this is another part of the sport i would like to do.we fish for bass in the surf/rocks on the coast,but never tried it myself heard it good on the fly.a work collegue gave me a load of fly tying gear.vice bobbins feathers books hooks a load of stuff so hope to get into fly tying this winter.will post some photos of my fishing trips to this site.

thanks again



Posted on: 2006/9/17 19:03

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