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Re: monster trout.

2006/9/18 16:54
From Oxford, Chester Co., PA
Posts: 572

Posted on: 4/15 12:31

Re: monster trout.

2011/8/15 15:02
From Bethlehem, PA
Posts: 119
I would agree with the majority of the posts to set your sites on 20" fish. There are not a lot of them but enough that you do have a reasonable chance of catching one. Other than several browns in the 28"-29" range from the Salmon River, I have caught only one brown in 64 years that would approach the 5# mark. I have caught a fair number in the 20-21-22" range. I'll get maybe 2-3 a season; 4-5 if I'm really lucky.

That said, if you really want to pursue browns that are 5# or more, they exist but primarily in bigger water and water that's limestone or limestone influenced. Fish at night, like really at night, say 2-3 in the morning with big flies, buggers, sculpins, etc. A friend of mine who is a past master at catching big trout this way says your fly "must move water". He catches and has caught some of the biggest browns I have ever seen in PA so he must know something.

Posted on: 4/15 13:51

The fisherman: He ariseth early in the morning and awaketh the entire household. He arriveth home late at night, smelling of strong drink and the truth is not in him.

Re: monster trout.

2013/9/13 0:06
From franklin county
Posts: 109
Wow so much info. Fyi i have caught plenty of monster trout in my life time meaning over 20 in and maybe 4 were close to five pounds. Mike you make some very great points and since you really know my local area does th fs have what it takes to keep monsters like that?

Posted on: 4/15 16:47
Tight lines

Re: monster trout.

2006/11/10 8:32
Posts: 1705
I once lost a very large trout at dark in the E Br Antietam Ck in Waynesboro. it took a Rapala on the surface, but having surveyed that stream, I would say that fish was unusual for the stream, but that said you might find suitable habitat at additional spots along that general stretch of the stream. Having surveyed the special reg area on Falling Springs numerous times, I never saw a fish of the size that you seek, but perhaps the habitat is better there now and perhaps there is a lower density of trout, which would reduce competition. I never surveyed down through town where the stream was pretty degraded and perhaps warmed up, but if it holds it's temps and has an occasional deep hole, even under a bridge, you may be able to locate a larger specimen. If it is cool to the Conocheague, then there may be potential at times at its mouth if there is some deeper water there. Finally, I have never seen Waynesboro Res, but it had held a state record once or twice, so I was curious about its secret. There are others who know more about that general region than I do and you might want to contact my counterpart in the south central region for his opinion.

Posted on: 4/15 20:16

Re: monster trout.

1/30 17:37
From State College, PA
Posts: 43
If you are willing to come to Cumberland County...say Shippensburg, Carlisle, Camp Hill-you will have options. Having lived there for a number of years, Franklin County has a few streams, but things are better east and north of you. You also have Beaver Creek near Hagerstown,MD that harbors large specimens.

Posted on: 4/17 20:20

Re: monster trout.

2006/9/13 10:18
From LV
Posts: 7592
The wild card is that not all browns switch to large prey and continue to take insects and small crustaceans which will not allow the brown to grow larger in the streams we have in PA. This is a genetic trait that all large brown exhibit. You can look at a lot of brown trout streams and find thousands of browns, but the biggest trout are in the 14 to 16 inch range, a nice trout, but not large.
Pine Creek is often producing large browns because the food base is huge, and it has cold water tributaries along it's 75 miles. Look for other streams like Pine Creek that transition to warm water, with cold water tributaries and you'll find big browns. And fish in the hour before sunset and through the night to an hour after sunrise.

Posted on: 4/18 10:38
It's time to stop stocking all wild trout streams no matter what Classification they are, and time to eradicate brown trout in some of our limestone streams and re-establish brookies in them.

Re: monster trout.

2011/11/5 14:27
From MidAtlantic
Posts: 314
If you want to catch big browns consistently you need to go to waters that are known for producing good numbers of them. My best trophy brown hunting happens in larger rivers with large sanctuary holes downstream and when the big browns push upstream in the fall. If there are a lot of big browns they will often push up in large groups mostly large male or large female groups and they tend to stack up in big holes below large riffles and chutes where they rest and feed before they take on a new challenging piece of water in their push upstream. While resident fish can be extremely wary, these fresh fish pushing upstream are hungry, aggressive much easier to catch. It is an interesting fishing pattern and you can cover 5 or 6 big hole and find nothing and then find one hole where there seem to be lots of big browns. Low light is best, but with these fresh hungry fish it is not always necessary. These fish do not feed a lot when there moving/migrating, but when the stop and rest they put on the feed bag trying to get into spawning condition. They generally won't move from their resting place for small stuff, but will pounce on a large offering that will give them a lot of gain for minimal effort.

Posted on: 4/18 19:14

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