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Wild Trout in the Southern Tier

2010/7/31 14:41
Posts: 58
Took a day off for the first time in a long while on Monday and decided to travel south to see how the wild brownies were doing in some of my favorite York County streams. Ended up being one of those days that I'll keep tucked away in my memory for quite a while. It's days like this that got me hooked on fly fishing.

I started off at 6:30 in the morning on a somewhat larger stream for the area. Caught a few wild browns and several God-awful ugly stockie rainbows. It was a nice start to the day, but nothing to write home about. Took off from there around 10, and the air was definitely starting to warm up. I figured I might run into some hatches with the recent upswing in temps, but wasn't sure on this second stream, as it is much smaller and I've never seen too much coming off.

The beauty of this stream never gets old. Every time I hike in, it's like discovering the place all over again. When I arrived at the spot where I was going to start, I took a second to look around and take everything in. There was really good flow, and enough tint in the water to make it tough to see the bottom of most of the pools. To my surprise, there were TONS of bugs popping off. Caddis, big dark mayflies, bwos, little stoneflies - a trout smorgasbord! I started with a size 14 parachute adams. After a couple pools and no strikes, I switch to a small x caddis. No luck. I then decided to go subsurface, and I didn't look back from there.

With a size 14 caddis pupae, I felt like I hit the lottery. The first pool I cast into exploded with a 13 inch brownie. And then another. And then another. I slowly worked my way upstream over the next few hours. Almost everywhere you would expect a fish, one appeared. Nothing like a quick silver flash at the bottom of a murky plunge pool to get your heart racing!

I love fishing big creeks like Penns, the Little J, and Pine. My heart, however, is with the small streams. I get more satisfaction out of a 12 inch brownie out of a flow that you can walk across in a few strides than a 20 inch fish out of a big creek.

As I hiked back out, I was filled with satisfaction of not just catching fish, but of creating a memory that I will hold onto forever. It's these days that get me through winters like we just had.

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Posted on: 2014/4/15 10:00

Re: Wild Trout in the Southern Tier

2009/2/19 19:59
From Mont Co, Pa
Posts: 442
Looks like you had a nice day with some real pretty browns. I prefer the stream conditions you had. Did you happen to get the water temp?

Posted on: 2014/4/15 10:48
Protect the resource, let them go.

Re: Wild Trout in the Southern Tier

2007/6/19 21:49
From Lancaster County
Posts: 893
When you hit a flow in these small streams in the spring time just right, days like you describe appear. Nice post, and makes me rethink my yard work plans for this weekend.

Posted on: 2014/4/15 10:51

Re: Wild Trout in the Southern Tier

2010/7/31 14:41
Posts: 58
Didn't get an actual temp, but I'd say low-mid 50s. Water noticeably warmer the later the day went.

Posted on: 2014/4/15 14:42

Re: Wild Trout in the Southern Tier

2009/4/24 16:40
From South Jersey
Posts: 502
Great report and better pictures. They make office bound guys like me grateful for this site!

Posted on: 2014/4/15 16:46
"Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after."

Re: Wild Trout in the Southern Tier

2013/8/5 23:08
From Lancaster
Posts: 278
Nice write up and great pictures. Nothing like those York county browns to get the heart rate up. Thanks for sharing!

Posted on: 2014/4/15 16:56

Re: Wild Trout in the Southern Tier

2011/5/3 12:22
From Morgantown, PA
Posts: 1260
Very nice Browns. Love small stream Browns.

Posted on: 2014/4/15 17:13

Re: Wild Trout in the Southern Tier

2012/3/14 6:23
From Lancaster
Posts: 539

Great write-up and as usual some awesome pictures to back it up. Thanks for sharing some photos of those beautiful wild brownies. The pic of the Bloodroot in full bloom is very nice as well. Many things are happening, it is that time of year. Game on!

Posted on: 2014/4/15 17:54

Re: Wild Trout in the Southern Tier

2006/11/10 8:32
Posts: 761
Welcome to my office!


Posted on: 2014/4/15 20:22

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