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Re: Steelhead?

2011/1/15 18:21
Posts: 434
I was fishing 3-4' of 3x flouro all day. Started out with the bling, pink worms, eggs etc. The second those pink items came within sight of the fish, they would spook. After that, I switch to more "natural" fodder and basically threw my fly box at them. All I did was tie tandem setups in an attempt to find something they would take. Also went through a series of streamers and baitfish imitations. The first time I fished spring creek is a good comparison to today; I was totally lousy in the super low conditions of feb/mar and then killed them whenever the stream finally had some snow melt and rain. I think I will give it another shot this week after some serious rain has fallen.

Posted on: 2011/10/13 22:11

Re: Steelhead?

2010/1/21 17:06
From Southwest, Pa
Posts: 1052
hitting erie tomorrow.. prob east side if anyone is going to be in area.. throw me a pm (i'll have my laptop at the hotel tonight)

sorry i'm not bad enough to be camping out lmao

Posted on: 2011/10/14 7:48
Sure, we can assiduously three-quarter our wets down stream, mend, and wait out each fly swing, which to my way of thinking, anyway, relegates to the angler to role of butler, rather than nemesis.

-Art Lee

Re: Steelhead?

2009/4/22 22:42
From Southwest, Pa
Posts: 95
Looks like there's finally some water in the streams...for now, at least.

Posted on: 2011/10/14 12:17

Re: Steelhead?
2006/9/9 9:29
From Monessen, PA
Posts: 24293
Tomorrow could be perfect in the AM and low again in the PM (at least on Elk):

Resized Image

Posted on: 2011/10/14 13:09
The very best thing you can do to convey trustworthiness is be genuine. And if you can't, just fake it.

Re: Steelhead?

2009/10/15 13:45
From Eastern PA
Posts: 9832

wbranch wrote:

I'm kind of curious of Pacofranciso's first picture - why is it that his thumb and index finger look almost as big as the reell? It makes the fish look to be about 11" long - I'm not demeaning the picture or fish just trying to understand the size relationship of his fingers to the reel and cork grip - looks funky like it is a micro rod and reel.

Dude, look at his paws in the second picture. Meat hooks!

Posted on: 2011/10/14 13:10

Re: Steelhead?

2010/1/7 0:41
Posts: 1148
This really creepin me out that the size of my hands is being is a topic of discussion in this post.....

Posted on: 2011/10/14 19:57
“If, when you pull a fly out you
don’t hear drums and can’t smell
chicken blood in the air, put it back
in the box, for if it is evil you seek,
then it can only be conjured with the

Re: Steelhead?

2009/10/11 21:04
From Southeastern Pa
Posts: 1114
Dude , what's up with the size of your hands....

Posted on: 2011/10/14 20:49
Invictus Maneo

Re: Steelhead?

2006/9/12 12:26
Posts: 223
Ran into Bing today on 20 Mile. Great to meet you man!

Hey we got out of there just in time. We got across a few times as the water was rising but we had to climb the west bank and walk up to Route 20 and around. I think a lot of people got stuck there today. Hopefully everybody is safe.

How did you do? Did you get out before the blow out?

Posted on: 2011/10/15 15:29
Resized Image

Re: Steelhead?

2009/12/30 20:55
From NW Penna
Posts: 197
Was good to meet you too, always nice to meet other board members.

We crossed right as it was still coming up.

About 6 of us mule trained across and made it. Scared the heck out of us it came up real fast.

Not sure what the fellas in hip boots below us did.
Hope everyone made it out safe.

Posted on: 2011/10/15 17:41
"There is a pleasure in Angling that no one knows but the Angler himself". WB

Re: Steelhead?

2010/5/1 9:10
From NE OH
Posts: 1341
The Miles fished nice this morning. Hit 16 at day light and swung up 2 in less than 1/2 hour. Initially they were slamming big white streamers. 16 quickly got too crowded for my pleasure. Moved over to the upper 20. Lower 20 was jammed with folks. Much quieter on the mid and upper. Everything was working on 20. If you put it in front of them they were hitting it. Caught them on streamers, eggs, and nymphs on 20. Nice flow and stain. Started raining hard again by 1:00 and called it a day. Todays conditions were ideal IMO. Be safe out there this week. Headed to MI for steelhead on the PM and kings on the Muskegon this week. Should be fun.

Posted on: 2011/10/16 16:11
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