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Re: Rod and Reel Brands

2008/1/31 17:19
From Pretty much everywhere at some point, Thorndale today.
Posts: 2370
This thread begs the question. Can you tell alot about a fisherman by his gear?

Depends what you're trying to determine.

You can probably tell less based on the brand and relative cost, and more based on the model. And a lot more if you get a look at his fly box. i.e. these things can tell you what kind of fishing a person likes to do.

i.e. if you see a cannon of a rod, combined with a fly box full of big streamers, maybe a big shot ring weighing down his vest, and spot some wire tippet, well this guy is into fishing big water for big fish. If he's got a Troutbum, a box full of midges, tricos, and the like, and 8x tippet, he's probably more the "finesse" type of fisherman.

You can also get a good idea when you see him cast. At least you can tell whether he's good or not. A beginner sticks out with totally improper mechanics, backcasts slapping the water even on short casts, etc. An intermediate has a nice, normal casting stroke, and it looks smooth and practiced. An advanced angler is doing lots of funky stuff, that to a beginner, may not look very impressive. Slack line casts for dry flies, tuck casts when nymphing, pile casts, etc.

But whether he's wearing Simms or Hodgeman waders, and carrying a Cortland vs. Sage vs. custom bamboo rod, probably not much. Maybe those Hodgeman's are backup waders. And most fisherman have multiple rods, covering the whole scale. And sometimes the Cortland will get picked up instead of the Sage for no better reason than he was in different mood that day.

If you see all the same brand, that might tell you something. But that something might be as simple as "he has a blog and that company sent him a bunch of free stuff."

Posted on: 2013/11/27 9:51

Re: Rod and Reel Brands

2009/4/21 16:39
Posts: 0
the best way to tell a lot about a fisherman is if he catches fish and how much time he puts on the water learning about the are he is fishing.

Posted on: 2013/11/27 11:59

Re: Rod and Reel Brands

2013/6/7 9:31
Posts: 126
After getting into fly fishing a few years ago, I made it a point to try to learn as much about the gear I use as possible. I have been a 25+ year bass fisherman (including tournaments for the past 5 years) and the trend in bass fishing is gear, gear, brand, brand, sponsor, etc. It is all driven off of marketing that my reel is better than yours because it casts 72 feet instead of 71 and my rod is bigger and better than yours because it has carbon fiber scrim technology, etc. The same goes for fly fishing from what I have witnessed so far, but only on a more gentleman aspect. You have your winstonites, orvis crew, sage devotees, etc.

In the end, it comes down to what you like. I like to buy and try a lot of stuff and sometimes get busted on or criticized because I do so. But I like it and I do catch fish on all of the gear that I have. We are all susceptible to brand image and marketing, but I bet if we took the labels off of the gear we were using and just tested it for what it was, many would be amazed what they like vs. what they think they should like because of what magazines and websites tell us!

Just my opinion...

Posted on: 2013/11/27 12:14

Re: Rod and Reel Brands

2009/7/29 10:25
Posts: 256
right its all about what works for you and your fishing... my three favorite rods are a $180 tfo, a $100 greys, and $350 mystic, in that order.

Posted on: 2013/11/27 12:27

Re: Rod and Reel Brands

2008/8/10 18:44
From lebanon, pa
Posts: 16
i've been fishing my way up through the st. croix line for the last 15 years. so yeah i'm sorta brand loyal. i flop around on reels every so often. the current favorite is redington's drift, i have at least one of each size. and the line has always been a scientific anglers of some sort.
i'd say it's more ocd than anything.

Posted on: 2013/11/29 17:29

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