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Proud Husband

2009/6/17 21:49
From New Bloomfield
Posts: 10
This was the weekend of Sept.28th. We got beat up for the most part. Conditions low and clear. This was the mouth of sixteen.
If you haven't exposed your spouse to fly fishing, I recommend it.

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Posted on: 2013/10/3 8:26

Edited by Stenonema on 2013/10/3 8:50:22

Re: Proud Husband

2008/5/29 15:28
From Lititz/Huntingdon
Posts: 40
Oh, I've exposed her to it. It's fun and all but, I like my alone time way too much. Maybe I'll join her quilting bee and see how that goes. I bet their gonna be pissed when I fire up a Cgar and spill some of my flask on their quilt. Glad it works for you'ns. Not for the faint of heart. Lol. Nice pic n fish.

Posted on: 2013/10/3 9:43
High Voltage

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4) knife
3) gun
2) lawyer
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Re: Proud Husband

2011/7/7 20:06
From South Central,PA
Posts: 122
Nice fish!

I think it works for couples that share the same interests. There's all kinds of people out there. For many couples it's the "opposites attract" thing that makes their relationship work.

My wife and I fish together on occasions but I'm definitely more fanatical about it than she is. She is crazy about Yoga. I used to go to yoga with her. I enjoyed it and still do at the entry level, but she took it to the next level. I think we have a good balance of showing some interest in each other's activities but still branching out in to our individual hobbies.

Posted on: 2013/10/3 11:16

Re: Proud Husband

2011/4/12 17:23
From Lancaster Co.
Posts: 581
Nice picture. Curious to know if the two of you were fishing in the lake itself at the mouth? Read an article about that recently. Sounds like a good option at this time of year when the streams are so low.

Posted on: 2013/10/3 11:48
"You might be a big fish, in a little pond. Doesn't mean you've won, cause a long may come, a bigger one."

Re: Proud Husband

2009/6/17 21:49
From New Bloomfield
Posts: 10
We did fish along the shore of Lake Erie as well as the mouths of both Elk and Sixteen Mile. She waded along shore casting and fishing like she was after bonefish on a flat. She said " I just want to ", it wasn't about catching a fish.
She was introduced to fly fishing thru casting. She attended some gatherings with Fly casting as the focus. Casting rendezvous's and this summers competition for example. She learned what a good cast looked like and how it was formed. She enjoys Fly casting and a good fly rod the same way another woman might appreciate quilting or yoga. The allure or mystique of the cast might bring more people to fly fishing than tying or fishing itself in the right venue.

Posted on: 2013/10/3 14:08
I am of the opinion that there is NOT one single population of wild trout that exists in our great state worth intentionally degrading for the benefit of any fisherman or any amount of money no matter how small the population.

Re: Proud Husband

2006/11/13 7:18
Posts: 0
Great picture. My wife will fish with me on occasion but like others she is not as obsessed as I am. She will fish with the fly rod or spinning gear. I would agree it is nice if your wife or GF fishes but we all need time to do our own thing also.

Bill A

Posted on: 2013/10/3 14:50

Re: Proud Husband

2012/2/15 16:35
From Butler, Pa
Posts: 17
man law #1 never take a girl fishing.

idk if that pertains to a wife though, nice fish.

Posted on: 2013/10/3 16:50

Re: Proud Husband

2010/2/15 19:09
From Ohio
Posts: 51
My wife will humor me every now and then and come fishing, but she's not really into it.

Posted on: 2013/10/3 20:49

Re: Proud Husband

2006/9/16 15:52
From Bucks County
Posts: 99
I second your recommendation. Nancy probably loves it more than me.
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Posted on: 2013/10/3 21:37
Brook Trout are God's way of saying everything is going to be alright.

Re: Proud Husband

2007/10/7 0:44
From philadelphia
Posts: 120
congratulations! such a very nice post,the like of which we need more often!!!

Posted on: 2013/10/5 13:27

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