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Re: Post your Rods! ;)

2006/12/20 18:08
Posts: 39
I own only one rod, and honestly I have never had the need to get anything different, (yet....I have never been salmon/steelhead fishing, I'm sure I would need a bigger rod.)

Well my reel is a Heddon model 310, just a floating line, no backing, I like to keep it oldspool
My rod is a Fenwick FL ?? 1 piece 5'7" 6wt SLOW action, Not really sure of how old it is, it was built by my dad, prolly 20+ years old.
I have caught everything from little brooks, to big bass on it, and I put about 150 fishing days a year on it.
I have honestly never really fished with any other rod, I have cast lots of other rods, but only for a cast or two. Considering that my 5'7" 6wt is the hardest rod in the entire world to cast, I figure that the last 20 1/2 years of fishing with it has made me a better caster than I would have been with a 9' rod that is easy to cast.( does this theory make sense?)

hence the name 5footfenwick no........seriously

Posted on: 2007/6/10 22:36

Re: Post your Rods! ;)

2006/9/10 16:07
From Pine Grove
Posts: 2332
7'4" Pfluegger 2/3 weight IM6(2 inches off butt)

7'2" Pfluegger 2/3 weight IM6(3 inches off butt, 1 off tip)

2 9'0" Rainshadow 7 weight IM6 ( I tend to build kinda matching sets, I guess)

9'0" basspro 8 weight, which was a sacrifice to the salmon gods that never got as broken as I thought it would.

7'6" (I think) Montague Sunbeam Bamboo, which I inherited from my great uncle. It was a matching set untilI broke 1 when I was 8 using it as a worm rod for natives. (yeah I had the bug even way back then)

9'0" Rainshadow 12/13 weight IM8, which I am about to start working on. I got the blank on clearance from $189.00 down to $12.95 when they closed the Sequim, WA plant. not sure what I'll use it for, but I just wanted to own a 200$ blank.

I also have and unidentifiable bamboo that my father-in-law gave me that I'd like to restore someday, but it's in rough shape. I think it says "hillsider" on the side, but this was painted by hand, so it might not identify the maker as much as the former owner. It was found in his house when he moved in. I'd raelly like to get a spey blank next, since I do half of my casting spey style anyhow, but dang those things are 'spensive. Oh well, in due time, in due time.


Posted on: 2007/6/11 7:00

Re: Post your Rods! ;)

2006/10/26 23:01
From Ohio
Posts: 655

11'6 Rainshadow Forecast 6/7/8 spey custom build.
Cabela's LST 9' 8wt
Cabelas Prstige 9' 8wt
G. Loomis IMX 9' 6wt custom build
Orvis TLS 8' 6" 5wt
Cabelas Sli 9' 5wt custom build
Pac Bay Rainforest II IM7 9' 5wt custom build
Cabela's Three Forks 9' 5wt
Tiger Eye IM6 8' 4/5wt custom build
Winston IM6 7 1/2 ft 4wt
Orvis Trout Bum (old version) 7 ft 4wt
Diamondback Diamondglass 7ft 3wt custom build
G. Loomis GL3 6 1/2ft 3wt custom build
Scott V2 6 1/2 ft 3wt
Tiger Eye 5 1/2ft 3wt custom build

I obviously have a problem. The only one I love is the Winston.

Now my wife and I do share rods and I have sold about 10 of my builds. I have also been known to trade rods for flies.....

I also often take complete newbies out often and have them fish my cheaper cabelas rods.

For the record, I let my wife fish the Winston. Now thats love.

Posted on: 2007/6/11 21:05

Re: Post your Rods! ;)

2006/9/12 12:07
From Berryville Virginia
Posts: 330
Dickerson 7613

Dickerson 8014

Dickerson 901812

Gillum Light Salmon 8’6”

Edwards Quadrate Model 43

Kusse Special

Kusse Quad 8 ft

PHY Para 15

R.W. Summers Model 275

Garrison 201

Garrison 206

Garrison 209

Paul Young Perfectionist 7'6"

Paul Young Martha Marie

Silly me I thought you said wish list.

Joe E

Posted on: 2007/6/12 11:10

Re: Post your Rods! ;)

2006/12/13 9:28
From Other side of the tracks
Posts: 20879
I don't remember, but I do remember that most of them are made of natural materials.

Posted on: 2007/6/12 12:21
"I think it's important to tell people the good and the bad of American history, not only the things that we might like to hear."

David Rubenstein

Re: Post your Rods! ;)
2006/9/9 9:29
From Monessen, PA
Posts: 24293

FarmerDave wrote:
....I do remember that most of them are made of natural materials.

Mine too:
Resized Image

Posted on: 2007/6/12 12:43
The very best thing you can do to convey trustworthiness is be genuine. And if you can't, just fake it.

Re: Post your Rods! ;)

2006/12/13 9:28
From Other side of the tracks
Posts: 20879

The funny thing is ... I haven't used one of those old fashioned six sided pencils in years. Get up with the times man!!!!

Posted on: 2007/6/12 13:42
"I think it's important to tell people the good and the bad of American history, not only the things that we might like to hear."

David Rubenstein

Re: Post your Rods! ;)

2006/9/12 12:07
From Berryville Virginia
Posts: 330
That would be one of those Hexagraph's. Which are an excellent casting rod.

Joe E

Posted on: 2007/6/12 15:17

Re: Post your Rods! ;)

2006/9/10 20:44
From Fayettenam
Posts: 3140
Redington Red.Start 8’6 5wt – Orvis Battenkill reel
St Croix Imperial 8’6 5 wt – Orvis Battenkill reel
Diamondback Americana 6’0 3wt Orvis Battenkill reel
GLoomis 9’0 8wt – Ross CLA reel

The st croix is my go to rod.

Posted on: 2007/6/12 16:10

Re: Post your Rods! ;)

2006/9/9 16:33
Posts: 683
st. croix 4 piece 5 wt
st. croix 4 piece 6 wt
st. croix avid 10 wt (Matsu Valley Kings baby!)
Cortland 4wt
Lomis 8 wt.

Lost a Shakespere 6 wt (no big loss)
Broke a Bean 8 wt.
Broke a st. croix 4 piece 6wt.

and the tung oil isn't even dry yet....
a Montague Belmont 9 footer. No idea about what it will throw. Any of you bamboo freaks (Farmer) know anything at all about this rod please PM me. I received it in good condition from a friend. I cleaned it and re-wrapped it. Can't wait to fish it.

Posted on: 2007/6/12 16:20

Re: Post your Rods! ;)

2006/9/9 22:54
Posts: 80
8' 6'' Horricks Ibbonston - HDH Bronson Royal 360
7'6'' Wright & McGill - GBG Pfluegar Meadlist
8'6'' Scott S3 4 wt Teton
7'6'' St Croix Avid 3 wt Teton
9' Scott A2 5 wt Tioga
9' Scott E2 6 wt Tioga
7' Napolitano 4 wt Quad Hardy Featherweight

Last 2 kept in Cottonwood Heights, Utah
9' Scott SAS 5 wt Teton
8' Cortland 4/5 Cortland

Posted on: 2007/6/12 21:39

Re: Post your Rods! ;)

2006/10/2 9:49
From Dauphin, PA
Posts: 28
All I have is a

2 piece 7'5" 4 wt. Fenwich Iron Feather

It's all I need for now, but I'm sure there will be more to come. I'm still pretty new to FF'ing but I already have my eye on a couple other rods.

Posted on: 2007/6/13 13:07

Re: Post your Rods! ;)

2006/9/29 22:27
From Hawaii
Posts: 36
Scott G2 8'4" 2wt - Lamson Litespeed
Orvis Superfine 7'6'' 3wt - Orvis Battenkill
Orvis T3 8'6'' 5wt - Orvis Battenkill Mid Arbor
Cabelas LST 9' 6wt - Cabelas LSR
Cane River 9' 8wt - Okuma Airframe
TFO TiCR 9' 8wt - Ross Canyon Big Game
Cabelas XST 9' 10wt - Lamson Litespeed

I have a couple other Cane River Rods (a GA fly shop that closed) and a couple other random rods I don't fish much.

Posted on: 2007/6/13 14:12

Re: Post your Rods! ;)
2006/9/9 19:16
From Dallastown, PA
Posts: 7574
Diamondback Standard Trout - 7.5" 3 wt.
Orvis Silver Label - 7.5" 4 wt.
Sage DS - 8' 5wt.
Scott AS - 9' 5wt.
Fenwick blank - 10' 6wt. (Custom build)
Orvis Trident - 9' 7 wt
Herrock Ibottson Tonka Princess- 7' 5 wt. (needs a tip section)

Posted on: 2007/6/14 0:34
Don't hit me with them negative waves so early in the morning. Think the bridge will be there and it will be there. It's a mother, beautiful bridge, and it's gonna be there. Ok?

Re: Post your Rods! ;)

2006/10/2 10:08
From Westmoreland County (near fairgrounds)
Posts: 3755
6.5 foot 2 weight Cabelas Traditional brookie rod with a Dennison Fly-Lite reel.

9 foot 3 weight Redington FSF with a Pfleuger Supreme 1834 reel.

8 foot 4 wieght Gander Mountain Gander Mountain Guide Series with a Cabelas CSR #1 reel.

9 foot 5 weight Okuma Guide Select with an Okuma SLV 4/5 reel.

9 foot 6 wieght Gander Mountain Guide Series with an Okuma SLV 5/6 reel.

9 foot 8 weight Walmart steelhead rod with a Cortland Graphite reel.

I've got my eye on a 10 foot 7 weight Gander Mountain Guide Series steelhead rod.

Posted on: 2007/6/14 1:28
Resized Image
Only one constant in the universe, all men are equal in the eyes of the fish.
-GulfGreyhound paraphrasing Herbert Hoover

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