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Maiden voyage

2006/12/29 10:00
From Harrisburg
Posts: 18
[img width=700] photo delaware2013019.jpg[/img]
Finding new places gets longer and longer in between, as the distance between gets farther and farther.
This would be my first trip to the Delaware. Prior reports over the years varied from "Epic" to "Sucked".
What I new for sure is that I would finally be able to cross it off my list.

[img width=700] photo delaware2013012.jpg[/img]
The pontoon Big Mac. Theres my little dingy on top for its first veture, after I've owned it for over two years.

[img width=700] photo delaware2013008.jpg[/img]
Getting in and out can be time consuming depending on the amount of folks, and your first push into the water is a bit concerting.
Ofcourses, this passes in a few minutes.

[img width=700] photo delaware2013009.jpg[/img]
Before too long you can park the toons and simply get out. It didnt seem to be the best method in most areas, but its definately nice to stretch the legs from time to time.

[img width=700] photo delaware2013010.jpg[/img]
Bruno and Albatross were teamed up in a two man and did well enough as Alby nets one for Bruno here.
They were kind enough to pick me up on their way to Hancock, and drop me off on the way back.
Which is certainly a gesture when the trips already 6 1/2 hrs long.

[img width=700] photo delaware2013011.jpg[/img]
The nightly horsin around.
Plenty of laughin and gabbin as it should be. And plenty of motel neighbors gettin drawn to our porch frontage with people that we never met before.

[img width=700] photo delaware2013007.jpg[/img]
Booktrouts very own "Lttle Prius that could".
All the way from WV.

[img width=700] photo delaware2013004.jpg[/img]
One of my very favorite dogs, I give you Kramer.
I've never seen his owner, Krayfish, so much at ease.
He let me live with him for a while when I was in need. And worked from what seem like sun up to sun.... up.
Krayfish gladly went around helpin everyone get set up and plan floats, blah, blah, blah, and did it happily. It almost seems like he belongs up there cause its easy to see he flat out loves it.

[img width=700] photo delaware2013013.jpg[/img]
Come on, what real man doesnt like Josey Wales, even on a t-shirt.
First time meetings go to (I think it was first time meetings) Beeber, Stimey, Booktrout, Martin0206, some Jason dude not fro the boards but certainly belongs there , and who could forget my roomate Pro4mance.
This cat is the belchinest belcher that ever belched and that is no stretch.
Saturday night I beat everyone to the takeout and I started fishing the bank while a thick fog started rolling down the river. Near dark a loud BRAAAAARRRPP came though that fog and there was no question as to who was about to emerge.

Posted on: 2013/10/9 20:22

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Re: Maiden voyage

2010/8/31 15:00
From Lehigh Valley PA
Posts: 47
nice shot! Monument pool on the WB?

Posted on: 2013/10/9 20:40

Re: Maiden voyage

2006/12/29 10:00
From Harrisburg
Posts: 18
....I sure wish Mo or somebody could teach me how to make these posts without them timing out on me. Is there a way?
Anyhow, back to our story....

[img width=700] photo delaware2013014.jpg[/img]
Bruno and Albatross getting ready on the last day.
Not sure about the two-man toons. Im sure you can get better position, but someone always has to row.

[img width=700] photo delaware2013018.jpg[/img]
I ended up being the one to try the Shadow brand rods and as you can see, it did its job. The reel seat and cork were unusual at first but the handle really developed into my liking. The rod was a 9ft 5wt 4pc fast action Warrior series. It fired my line well without crashing my line onto the water.
Patiently waiting for the 9ft 4wt 2pc to come out.

[img width=700] photo delaware2013016.jpg[/img]
I really appreciated my mesh fish holder thingy in my toon. Though its not the best photo opportunity, it holds the fish well, measures them, and keeps them in excellent shape.
Now I just need a better anchor system and some Oar-Rites and all should be well.

[img width=700] photo delaware2013021.jpg[/img]
Much like Josey Wales, what real man doesnt appreciate a Bald Eagle? Didnt even see him till he left out one of those screeches.
I was much closer, I just drifted this far till I was able to get the camera out and going.

[img width=700] photo delaware2013020.jpg[/img]
I only took 3 fish, although they were 15, 18, and 18 1/2 inches. And certainly saw larger. The weather was nothing short of spectacular, except friday night at the takeout (Oh God) and the floats are definately beautiful and mostly secluded from population. It wasnt an epic trip by any means but a seed was planted and I'm sure I'll be back for the spring hatches and pontoon floatilla.
It was just impossible not to see the draw this place has on so many anglers.

Posted on: 2013/10/9 21:33

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Re: Maiden voyage

2006/9/16 15:52
From Bucks County
Posts: 126
Great post! I truly enjoyed it. Thanks!

Posted on: 2013/10/9 21:43
Brook Trout are God's way of saying everything is going to be alright.

Re: Maiden voyage

2006/10/2 10:08
From Greensburg, Westmoreland Co.
Posts: 284

I greatly enjoyed your company on this trip. Still need to get your coffee mug in the mail...

Posted on: 2013/10/9 23:39
Resized Image
Only one constant in the universe, all men are equal in the eyes of the fish.
-GulfGreyhound paraphrasing Herbert Hoover

Re: Maiden voyage

2007/7/24 21:12
From Ephrata,PA
Posts: 0
Looks like a wonderful time, so glad you got the opportunity to go!

Posted on: 2013/10/10 1:26
Don't poo into the current.

Re: Maiden voyage
2006/9/11 8:26
From Chester County
Posts: 2878
Nice!....Dan. Now that the seal is broken, many more earthy trips with your new toon.

Posted on: 2013/10/10 6:12

Re: Maiden voyage

2011/7/6 13:48
From Philadelphia PA
Posts: 911
Nice shots...sounds like a great adventure....sun at your backside, now Spit.

Posted on: 2013/10/10 6:49
When life looks like it's pulling you down, Rear back and make sure you set the hook:)

Re: Maiden voyage

2006/9/13 18:28
From chester ct
Posts: 269

really enjoyed your fine photo essay.

Posted on: 2013/10/10 8:20

Re: Maiden voyage

2012/3/19 7:54
From Ambler, Pa
Posts: 31
Had a great time and it was nice to meet you as well. Good pics and thanks for the shrimp too.

Posted on: 2013/10/10 9:11

Re: Maiden voyage

2012/9/26 8:06
From lower burrell, pa
Posts: 381
Dan, din't realize it was your maiden float also. It was great to meet you and fish with you, hope your roomy wasn't too much of a PITA. Hope to do it again some time.
Thanks for the AM coffee and post fishing shrimp

Posted on: 2013/10/10 10:04

Re: Maiden voyage

2010/2/15 19:09
From Ohio
Posts: 92
Awesome float guys... thanks for sharing.

Posted on: 2013/10/12 11:53

Re: Maiden voyage

2009/6/17 21:49
From New Bloomfield
Posts: 12
Thanks for posting. I enjoyed the ride vicariously. Makes me want to hook to the Clacka and go.

Posted on: 2013/10/12 13:49
I am of the opinion that there is NOT one single population of wild trout that exists in our great state worth intentionally degrading for the benefit of any fisherman or any amount of money no matter how small the population.

Re: Maiden voyage

2010/2/18 8:57
From SW PA
Posts: 218
Nice post Squaretail. Love that place. Wish I could have been there. Personally, I think the two man 'toons are pretty awesome.

Posted on: 2013/10/12 21:45
Hatches come and go of their own accord, but work will wait for you to get back.

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