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Re: Let Me Get This Off My Chest

2007/3/21 22:50
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I agree to just walk away from idiots, however in my book there comes a point where walking away is not an option. For the most part I am a fairly quiet person but push the right buttons and you better be ready. I am not necessarily afraid of the idiots out there, trust me I deal with enough on a daily basis. I would say 98% are so full of S%&T that I don't worry about the other two percent.

There is a point where it does become harrassment. About the dogs, I have been to fishermans paradise with my dog and have had her off the leash but then again I have had her under my control and she is scared of water. BTW the last time I was there I was stung about 15 times and my dog about 30 times by ground wasps. It was not fun by any means.

Posted on: 2007/6/19 21:51

Re: Let Me Get This Off My Chest

2006/11/7 8:32
From South West FL
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guttrap wrote:
I actually once got ran over by a raft on the Yough. I really doubt it was intentional since it was one of those family guided sort of deals and I heard a girl in the raft say "Oh my God, were going to hit him" Capt Matt was there, one of the funniest things he's ever seen, according to him.

Yes, one of the funniest things I've ever seen.

Posted on: 2007/6/20 8:51

Re: Let Me Get This Off My Chest

2006/9/9 22:43
From Delaware Co.
Posts: 653
If I had a son or someone young with me I probally would of done the same thing as you Jack. But I don't and I have no problem openning a can of whoop ass on anyone if its verbal or physical that disrespects me in anyway. I beleive if you walk away than you just told that person what they are doing is ok, and they will definitely do it again to someone else and you failed as a fly fisherman to educate these people on stream etiquette.So challege these people and let them know what they are doing is wrong and do your part.....

Posted on: 2007/6/20 17:22

Re: Let Me Get This Off My Chest

2006/11/2 8:50
Posts: 1731

JackM wrote:
I am convinced that this girl was intentionally trying to disturb our fishing. I even believe the rest of the gang had put her up to it. She cryptically called back to them that she "had forgot the shampoo." If it seemed remotely possible she was merely unconscious of her infringing on us, I wouldn't even be upset.

I agree that's what she was doing. The courts have decided that the river is a public resource. So some people will use harassment and intimidation to try to keep "their" section of the river from being used by others.

We cannot allow them to get away with this. A certain party has been doing this on the West Branch Delaware and it has occurred other places as well. We should understand that people are trying to do this and work together and call them on their criminal activity. Because that's what it is.

The river belongs to the public and anyone who uses harassment and intimidation to drive other users away is in violation of the law. There is a law against the harassment of someone who is legally fishing.

Call the WCO and report them. If these people are in the practice of harassing people (and I've heard other stories about that location) then the more people that report the problems the better.

In England they have trail associations that check the access to legally established trails and if anyone illegally blocks access to those trails, the trail associations take them to court. This is the sort of organization and firm committment that is needed in the case of anglers.

Some people just won't listen to reason. So you have to use the law to back them down.

Posted on: 2007/6/20 22:24

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