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Re: Juggling two hobbies?

2013/12/29 3:54
From South central PA
Posts: 8
I've been managing the time pretty well. Going fishing this morning/afternoon. Then my hockey league at 10 tonight. A pretty good day if say!

Posted on: 2014/3/8 11:36

Re: Juggling two hobbies?

2006/9/13 22:36
From Tioga co. formerly of bucks co.
Posts: 257
used to be chasin women, that's done for now !
so its fly fish, tying, gardens, hunt bow and upland game, surf fishing, raisin chickens, tinkering on stuff.

Posted on: 2014/3/8 12:21

So many Fish, So little time !!!
from the outer edge of nowhere
fly tying and fishing ghillie..

Re: Juggling two hobbies?

2009/8/22 19:40
Posts: 7
Just as long as one of those hobbies ISN'T golf you're good. No self respecting FF should ever play golf. Or sell insurance.

For me I ride my Harley darn near everywhere, FF, fly tying, grouse & goose hunt and trap shoot. The key is spread it out over the seasons. Retiring also helps. Work is a four letter word.

Posted on: 2014/3/8 14:50

Edited by fly_doggie on 2014/3/8 15:13:51

Re: Juggling two hobbies?

2008/5/29 15:28
From Lititz/Huntingdon
Posts: 39
Fly fish'n when it's in season. Hatches, etc And Amateur radio in the evenings and when it's not fit for man nor beast outdoors. Hate to wish my life away but, can't wait till I can retire and do more of both and nothing all at the same time. de N3HQN.

Who all else on here has there ticket? I'm going on 25 years come November.

Posted on: 2014/3/8 16:30
High Voltage

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Re: Juggling two hobbies?

2011/3/8 19:04
From York, PA
Posts: 0
I'm avteacher so I have very little time off...other than the entire summer. It's GREAT, but there is a significant downfall in that I only have 3 days to use during the school year. Awesome for summer fishing but I love to bow hunt and finding time is tough especially with two kids under 3.

Posted on: 2014/3/8 16:35

Re: Juggling two hobbies?

2006/9/9 19:37
From aliquippa
Posts: 11
My fly fishing and tying have dropped off quite a bite, I only fly fish when I`m at my camp, after having a health issue , I put as much time on the road bicycle as I can when weather permits, go to as much late model dirt track racing in the summer as I can, plus just spent a bundle on a new tig welder to perfect my aluminum and stainless steel welding

Posted on: 2014/3/9 0:47
just when i think i have the key to success, someone changes the lock

Re: Juggling two hobbies?

2006/12/1 12:07
Posts: 2
My hobbies are now - wrestling season turns into baseball season turns into football season. Kid keeps me busy but I wouldn't change it for the world. If I get time, I may get some fly fishing in, in the fall, I'll get some deer hunting in.

Before marriage and a kid - I hunted deer, archery, rifle and muzzleloader, and hunted duck, small game, turkey, and bear. I fly fished 4 or 5 times a week during the spring and summer, bass fishing and also ice fishing during the winter. I also tied flies all winter.

Now, I may get away fishing 5 or 6 times in the spring, I set aside last 2 weeks of archery for me, and the first week of rifle I take vacation. If I'm lucky, I may get out a day or 2 of spring gobbler.

Best advise I could give a guy getting married and going to start a family is - pick your poisons wisely and only choose the battles you can win.

Posted on: 2014/3/9 6:41

Re: Juggling two hobbies?
2006/9/9 9:29
From Monessen, PA
Posts: 2002
I have the hobby of internet browsing and social media, and a girlfriend, and drinking bourbon, and fly fishing. I can quit them all except for fly fishing and the girlfriend.

Posted on: 2014/3/9 11:20
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Re: Juggling two hobbies?

2010/8/29 6:58
Posts: 0
This is an interesting post, I was just thinking about this the other day. I started playing guitar about two years ago after a 40 year hiatus (I've been fly fishing nonstop for the past 50 years).

I probably still spend as much time as I ever have on stream, but I find I now spend my time playing rather tying flies and pouring over catalogs and such. It's probably just as well, I'm sure I already have more than enough equipment and flies to last me more than the rest of my life.

Posted on: 2014/3/11 20:08
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Re: Juggling two hobbies?

2010/6/19 16:43
From Clinton County, Pa.
Posts: 180
Only two? I enjoy hunting, flyfishing, fly tying, the activities of a certain fraternity and I just added a new one to the list. I recently purchased a near mint( 5206 original miles) 2003 Ford Mustang GT Convertible. It is redfire metallic with white leather seats and a white ragtop. If you see such a car it is more than likely me out enjoying the soon to be nice weather. LOL. It also helps that I'm retired and can do such things!

Posted on: 2014/3/11 21:23
"Even the thousandth trip to the same familiar stream begins with renewed hope and unfailing faith." ZANE GREY

Re: Juggling two hobbies?

2013/7/2 7:11
From Somerset P.A.
Posts: 58
Ive been fishing and playing hockey since I was 4 or 5. Ive only been fly fishing and playing hockey for the past 4 years, but I dont see how they can really get in the way of one another. If you already have your hockey gear it should all last for a very long time considering your done growing, and I usually play hockey at 9 or 10 at night and fish as early as I can. I don't see giving either of them up until my body can no longer play hockey.

Posted on: 2014/3/13 11:07

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