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Holy Cow

2012/3/19 7:54
From Ambler, Pa
Posts: 31
Well the gf and I were gonna go camp near the west branch this weekend but good thing Krayfish informed me it was blown out since I forgot to check. Instead we ventured into the chaos and camped at Poe Valley to do some hiking and fish the green drake hatch on Penns. I have never seen anything remotely close to it in terms of bugs in the air at one time. There was some steady action of grey foxes sulphurs caddis and drakes but nothing like what occurred shortly after 9 last night. I just got done releasing a fish and all of sudden I look up and I can hear them flying up the creek. It was almost pointless to fish after that there were so many bugs and it was not to pleasant to fish in since I had them coming out my ear. I missed half a dozen on a rusty spinner till I landed the one last night and missed another on a coffin fly during the monsoon. There wasn't too many guys where I was at and I have to say I will be back. Carolyn maybe not since she was not enjoying getting smoked with the flys while fishing.

We went back today to nymph for a while and managed a small rainbow and beautiful yellow belly brown on a mercer style caddis I tied a few days ago. Was probably the nicest colored brown I've ever caught. Carolyn had a brown on just as big that after 5 minutes we go to the net when the hook came out. Was a great weekend and I gotta say the green drakes were awesome and definitely plan on fishing the hatch next year although the fishing is better before they show up at dark.

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6174_51abf8a14cec6.jpg 603X522 px

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6174_51abfd00b23a6.jpg 730X548 px

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6174_51abfd194a805.jpg 548X411 px

jpg  IMGP0186.jpg (112.03 KB)
6174_51abfd269e812.jpg 730X548 px

Posted on: 2013/6/2 22:20

Re: Holy Cow

2010/2/18 8:57
From SW PA
Posts: 226
Yep, what he said. Good report Martin. I too was there with the little woman. I warned her the fishing would not likely be terrific, but it is a sight to see, (Hear, feel whatever)

Ummm. That last image you have, to me is the key to good fishing. Every time I run into the Green Drakes, That dark caddis provides the bulk of the fish catching action for me.

Posted on: 2013/6/3 5:53
Hatches come and go of their own accord, but work will wait for you to get back.

Re: Holy Cow

2010/2/15 19:09
From Ohio
Posts: 92
I was also on Penns for the green drake on Thursday and Friday. Thursday's hatch was thick, but the fishing was sporadic. Friday's coffin fly spinner fall was also very thick and the fish were gorging all around me. Friday night I caught two rising fish at dusk on a green drake dun and two others later that night on a coffin fly durring the spinner fall. Overall, the fishing was decent, but not as good as I thought it would be. DaveS was right on, the caddis was a great fly for me on this trip, at times it was better than any form of green drake.

Posted on: 2013/6/3 7:19

Re: Holy Cow

2008/3/11 9:40
From Bucks County
Posts: 715
Great pics, especially 3rd one down. Thanks for posting.

Posted on: 2013/6/3 7:50

Re: Holy Cow

2006/9/11 13:33
From Lehigh Valley
Posts: 3
Nice job, Jeff!

That butterball in pic #1 is just awesome!

Hope you took Carolyn out for a burger and beers at the firehouse for her excellent camera work.

Posted on: 2013/6/3 8:06
Resized Image

Re: Holy Cow

2012/3/19 7:54
From Ambler, Pa
Posts: 31
Haha we actually checked out the Elk Creek Cafe instead of the firehouse. I know that is a violation of firehouse membership but that was her choice. I told her she was missing out on the classy experience the firehouse has to offer.

DaveS- I was tempted to switch to the dark caddis but was getting action on the rusty spinner but 20 to 30 mins before the drakes showed up there were caddis everywhere.

Posted on: 2013/6/3 12:20

Re: Holy Cow

2011/6/29 9:38
From Philadelphia
Posts: 5
Nice job. I have a feeling Carolyn caught all the fish though and just let Jeff get his picture taken with them so that we didn't really break his a$$! We know who the fisherwoman is in that couple!

Posted on: 2013/6/3 13:07

Re: Holy Cow

2006/12/13 9:28
From Other side of the tracks
Posts: 4136
Being a part time farmer, I was somewhat disappointed after I opened this thread.

Nice story and pics none the less.

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jpg  100_0457 resized.JPG (85.52 KB)
348_51adbbec83851.jpg 461X307 px

Posted on: 2013/6/4 6:05
Hank Patterson for President.

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