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Fly Fishing and Father's Day

2007/6/19 10:25
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From my article this week:

As far back as I can remember, my dad and I went fishing together. Once every few weeks in the summer months, we would get up before sunrise. My dad and I would drive the hour or so to Busch’s Wildlife, a fishing preserve near my hometown of St. Louis Missouri. We would buy worms in a white Styrofoam cup, spherical bobbers which were half white and half read, and lead weights and sharp hooks. After a short drive to one of the numbered lakes, I would take out my Zebco fishing rod, put on the bobber and worm, and cast out from the dock.

My father and I probably went to Busch’s Wildlife a couple dozen times in my childhood, and I cannot remember catching that many fish. Maybe we caught a six inch bass a few times. We were not very good fishermen. But even if the fishing was not so successful, something else important happened on those early morning fishing trips, I was able to spend time with my dad.

My fishing trips with my father might best be understood by that famous proverb attributed to the Chinese: “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” My father taught me how to fish, but I did not learn enough to feed myself. A few six inch bass will only go so far! However, those hours spent fishing with my dad provided me with sustenance in a different sort of way. It was my relationship with my dad that grew and developed on those fishing trips. By taking me fishing, my dad did feed me for life, not with fish, but with memories, advice and love that I will carry with me all the rest of my days.

Father’s Day is this Sunday. I am going to give my dad a call and remind him of our fishing trips to Busch’s Wildlife together. I might be obnoxious and tell him how much better of a fisherman I am now that I use a fly rod. I will also remember to thank him for those precious mornings we spent together casting worms into the clear Missouri lakes.

What are your favorite stories of fishing with your father?

Posted on: 2007/6/19 10:39
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Re: Fly Fishing and Father's Day

2006/9/10 21:53
From Greensburg, PA
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My father was not a fisherman. he was a football coach. So during all the really good times to fish he was "in season". After moving to Idaho and having a much longer fishing season, I got him to go out with my to some overly scenic and beautiful places. He still avoided flyfishing for the most part but did however fish with flies. He had this cheap little telescoping spinning rod. He'd stuff it into the backpack and when we got to the lakes he'd tie on a casting bubble and a 9ft leader with a dry fly on it. The nice thing about cutthroats is that they are always looking up for a meal. With the trees behind us, he could usually get out a little farther than me. When that bubble hit the water, the fish would investigate and come across the fly on the way. He'd catch the ones way out and i'd catch the ones within about 40 feet. Since then he has gone fishing with some of the "younger" coaches he works with and they have taken him to some of the rivers in the canyons out there. I left a fly rod behind when I left Idaho and he actually uses it. Once, I'm told, he used it to catch a small bird, on a backcast, in the canyon on the Bruneau River. My dad passed down a lot of things down to me over the years. Much advice and many lessons and a lot of good examples. But I really like the idea that I was able to send something that he now enjoys in the other direction.

Posted on: 2007/6/19 12:38

Re: Fly Fishing and Father's Day

2006/10/2 10:08
From Greensburg, Westmoreland Co.
Posts: 282
Two trips with my father stand out for me.

When I was 14 my dad hiked in to Pelican Creek in Yelowstone with me. I was just slaying the cutthroats back there with my flyrod, but Dad wasn't doing very well with his spinning rod. I gave him my flyrod and on his first ever flycast the fly landed right in the middle of about 3 loops of flyline. Nevertheless, a fish took the fly and he landed it. We were both terified of the grizzlies that day as I recall.

The second was a trip to northern Quebec during college. We drove about as far north as you can in Quebec, then turned onto a gravel road under a power line. We drove another hundred miles north on the gravel road. We launced our boat and went past the first lake and on to the second. We caught waleyes and northerns till our arms got tired, listened to the loons, and watched the northern lights at night. We kept our beer cold by digging down to the perma frost. Great trip.

Posted on: 2007/6/19 12:48
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Re: Fly Fishing and Father's Day

2006/9/9 16:33
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My dad is not a fisherman but he has a better Jam attendance record than most of you guys. He does like camping, BS-ing and beer so he fits right in.

He said the last time he went "fishing" a semi cut his line. Behind the lake was a country road, and on the otherside of the road was a country bar. So he cast into the lake, opened up the bell and walked to the bar. Was going OK till the truck screwed it up.

I on the otherhand drag my kid on scouting trips. She digs it. I never really get into the fish cause a 4 year old trying to skip stone sure will put down the risers. Maybe some day down the road she'll drag me along and feed me on the way home.

Posted on: 2007/6/20 7:59

Re: Fly Fishing and Father's Day

2006/12/31 17:20
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this was my hardest faters day yet.On June 12 ,5 days short of fathers day,my father past away.Being 41 now this was my first fathers day of fishing without him since I was 2.The past few years we did take my son out and he went with me this year.It was great to have him along and hopefully for many years to come but it just was not the same without him.As for good memories with him I will never forget him jumping in creek to grab a 20 in rainbow when I was abou t 12.Now that was my favorite fathers day with him.

Posted on: 2007/6/21 20:10

Re: Fly Fishing and Father's Day
2006/9/9 19:16
From Dallastown, PA
Posts: 1283

DJB66 wrote:
this was my hardest faters day yet.On June 12 ,5 days short of fathers day,my father past away.Being 41 now this was my first fathers day of fishing without him since I was 2.The past few years we did take my son out and he went with me this year.It was great to have him along and hopefully for many years to come but it just was not the same without him.As for good memories with him I will never forget him jumping in creek to grab a 20 in rainbow when I was abou t 12.Now that was my favorite fathers day with him.

That is a tough one DJ...but I can say on future fathers days you will miss him too but hold him close to your heart and in your minds eye with all the things you experienced on stream in the past.

My father never fished with me...we didn't fish as a family. We had ball as our connection. You'll be surprised at the numbers of times he'll come up in your life, while interacting with your son. Memories cannot replace the man...but no one will replace your memories.

Fish on bro.


Posted on: 2007/6/21 21:50
Don't hit me with them negative waves so early in the morning. Think the bridge will be there and it will be there. It's a mother, beautiful bridge, and it's gonna be there. Ok?

Re: Fly Fishing and Father's Day

2006/9/14 10:34
From Southeast PA
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My condolences, DJ. My dad passed away 14 years ago when I was 40. He was a very strong and healthy 72, except for the damn leukemia. Because there were 9 kids in my family, it was hard to get personal time with my dad, although there were a lot of family outings. But he did try to do some special things with us individually from time to time. He didn't fish, but he took me to a fishing derby at the lake in the local park when I was about 8. The bait was dough balls that my mom made, and canned corn. The reel was a Zebco, of course. I caught a catfish that must have been about 16 inches, and it seemed like a whale to me. I thought it was going to pull me into the water, and I was yelling to my dad to help me. He just laughed and told me I had to do it myself. We took it to get weighed and measured to see if I would win a prize. There's still a slide of me that pops up when we show the old family slides, in our front yard straining to hold up that monster that seems to be almost as big as me. I don't think I won anything at the derby, except a permanent good memory.

Posted on: 2007/6/22 8:47
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Re: Fly Fishing and Father's Day

2007/5/10 14:41
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My angle is a bit different. i am the proud Dad of two daughters, 21-19 yrs old. the youngest Jack, flat out told me "Dad you know i dont like bugs and as soon as we get to the water i am going to be asking to go home" so we decided she should stay home. but my oldest Sam, loves to fish with the spinning reel and has done well. so we went, i packed a lunch and headed off to the tailwaters of the Francis E. Walter Dam in Lake Harmony. We got there and had lunch, talked a bit and headed in the water. Oh i forgot to add, before we left i went and bought her a pair of chest waders, so in the water we went. she went in slow and enjoyed throwing her lure. Me, being a novice fly fisherman took the opportunity to practice my cast. after a while i asked Sam if she wanted to throw the fly rod, and she accepted. She did well for the first time, we had to get out of the way of a wandering fly now and then but we laughed and laughed. i took some video and still shots of her all the while. at one point i looked over and said "Sam who said you Dads had to have sons" and with a serious tone said "You dont Dad you have us girls" that day went down as the best Father's Day ever.

i owe this experience to fishing. if i never catch another trout it doesnt matter, i connected with my daughter in a way i have never done before in my life.


Posted on: 2007/6/22 14:48

Re: Fly Fishing and Father's Day

2006/9/10 7:44
From Enola, Pa.
Posts: 49
I really enjoy reading these post!

Although my Dad has been dead for many year, I still remenber those fishing outings we had together. The man was a great fisherman, he used a flyrod with live minnies and he was deadly with them.

It's been a long time but I still remember those days on Clarks Creek with him! His favorite spot was the white barn, in those days a old couple still lived there and they would let you park by the barn, they also had a swing bridge there that you could cross the stream.


Posted on: 2007/6/23 7:27

Re: Fly Fishing and Father's Day

2006/10/24 15:36
From Enola, PA
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I had a lot of wonderful times fishing with my Daddy O on the weekends and especially Father's Days. I would pretty much lay in the sun on the bank while him and my brother fished. Not because I did not like to fish but I prefer bay fishing. NTM, I did not like my baby brother and had a habit of smacking him in the back or across the face with my fishing rod when his line crossed mine.. Then he would knock me in the water or make me slip on the rocks. Which would get us in a lot of trouble with Daddy O and got me sent to the bank. LOL. My Dad was the best fly fisherman then and he still is today. Pretty much why I brought him a shirt that says Dad Rocks for Father's Day. I would have to agree PoPo (grandfather in Greek) was the bomb too. My baby brother turned 40 yesterday and we are best friends now... Thank God huh Dad?

Hello Padrick.... When is the Fishing Jamboree? I am thirsty

Paul G Daughter

Posted on: 2007/6/25 13:36

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